Canon PIXMA G570 and PIXMA G670 6-Ink Printers Launched

Canon Philippines today announced the new PIXMA G570 and PIXMA G670 6-colour refillable ink tank printers, unlocking the power of enhanced photo longevity and endless low-cost printing for businesses, homes, and creative work. Leveraging on decades of advanced colour science locked within its universe of consumer imaging products, the new G series photo printers deliver a vividness and richness yet unseen in the ink tank printer world.

Like all other G series printers, the new models print at ultra-low cost while delivering very high yields. The full set of ink included with the printer alone can deliver approximately 3,800 sheets of 4×6” prints, ensuring worry-free printing minus concerns about cost of printing. Unlike conventional designs, the G570 and G670 are not only a breeze to maintain, but also built to live through high print volume demands. Featuring a modular structure with replaceable components that users can replace easily after long usage leading to wear, otherwise they would normally require a visit to the service centre for replacement.

Alongside conventional 4-ink systems more suitable for document printing, the addition of red ink supercharges photographs ranging from blood-red sunsets to automobiles in gleaming red, injecting an arterial intensity not possible with composite inks. Grey ink ensures consistent monochromatic accuracy in print after print, while Black ink adds contrast, enhancing subject focus as well as fore from background separation. Memories may fade over time, but the new ink system combines with Canon photo papers to deliver exceptional print longevity, with photos that can resist fading for up to 200 years under storage conditions. The G670 adds scan and copy functions on top of printing, differing from its younger sibling G570 which only offers printing. 

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The no-squeeze spillage-free ink bottle design automatically releases the requisite amount of ink during setup and ink refills, avoiding spill overs and ink splatter. For the environmentally conscious, a unique power-saving feature automatically turns off the printer after a period of inactivity, while any print instruction sent from smartphone or laptop achieves the opposite, powering up the printer automatically from sleep.

The free Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY mobile app enables users to print directly from, or scan images to mobile devices, as well as controlling printer settings and receiving device alerts. The PIXMA Cloud Link service allows users to connect their printers to social networks and cloud storage for remote printing and scanning.

The Canon PIXMA G570 has an SRP of P12,795 while the PIXMA G670 has an SRP of P16,095. Both printers will be available this September 2021.

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