Haven’t used your car this ECQ? Check out our 10 Point Car Care Tips

Are you getting that “Driving Itch” once in awhile? Do you want to test your car’s top speed? Do you want to stroll to your favorite place? Too bad we can’t do that now. We all know that the whole country is on ECQ or Lock-down. We are deprived driving our beloved cars. All we just do is look at our sweet ride in our garage and thinking of what to do. Now, what if we tell you that we can do a lot with our cars while on ECQ. Let me share you our 10 Car Care Tips you can do while on lockdown.

Me and my friend Elaine Kirby will guide you on how to maintain your car during the quarantine period. Let’s start!

car care tips

1. You don’t want to drain you battery right? Keep your battery charged by starting your engine once per week for about 10 mins. You may also rub a teaspoonful of petroleum jelly to the battery terminals to prevent corrosion (white deposits).

car care tips

2. If possible try to move your car back and forth inside the garage to keep your car’s engine and other mechanical parts lubricated and prevent it from drying out.

3. Make sure you filled the gas up to prevent corrosion to your gas tank. It is wise to maintain a full tank during this uncertain quarantine period. If there is less fuel, then overtime the air above the fuel may cause condensation which is not good for your car. In the long run, it could even cause rusting.

car care tips

4. Keep your regular maintenance schedule check-up such as engine oil, water, power steering fluid (in some car models), brake fluids as well as battery terminals.

car care tips
Thank you MOTUL!
car care tips

5. Wash and wax to protect and to prolong the longevity of the paint, even in the face of dust, twigs, and other contaminants. During this quarantine period you will have all the luxury of time for your car, so you might also want to clean your interiors as well.

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6. Choosing the right cleaning products for your car plays a major role. It is better to read the labels before you use the product according to its specification. Some products maybe harmful to you or to your car

car care tips
Thank you AUTO-GARD!

7. Rodents may take up residence in your vehicle so make sure that you clean your car as well as its surrounding from any food scraps so as not to attract rodents.

8. Make sure that your tires are properly inflated and are at the correct pressure. When kept idle for a long time the tires could lose air pressure. Keeping them inflated help prevent cracking of the sidewalls and flat spots. If you get a chance, move the car forward and backwards to avoid flat spots.

car care tips

9. Don’t use the handbrake for an extended period of time this can cause the brake pads and rotor to stick together. Moisture is what causes the parking brake to stick, so avoid engaging it.

10. Lastly, use a car cover to protect your paint from the elements after you have cleaned your car before putting it on.

car care tips

Well that’s all! Hope these 10 car care tips would help you to get your car in tip-top shape. A big thanks to my friend Elaine Kirby for helping me!

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