Review: MiLi Power Angel 2


A couple of months ago, I reviewed the MiLi Power Spring 5 which almost became a permanent accessory for my iPhone 5. However, there are days that I wanted to use my smartphone without it’s added size and weight. This is where the MiLi Power Angel 2 comes in.

Like an Angel Sent from Heaven



The MiLi Power Angel 2 doesn’t come with any cables compared to other powerbanks. You do not need to worry of forgetting or losing the cable during those times you need to use the Power Angel 2. There is a tendency however to lose the blue translucent cover which protects the lightning pin when not in use. Battery meter is found on the upper right corner while its button is found on the right side. On the left side is a short built-in cable which can be pulled out to charge the powerbank.


The Power Angel 2 is easy to use. Just remove the cover and connect it to the port of the iPhone 5 and it will automatically start charging. It doesn’t cover the mic and the speakers of the iPhone 5 so there is no need to worry if you can’t make a call with it or listen to music while charging. The Power Angel 2 also doesn’t make the iPhone heavy while in use. If you want to browse websites or watch movies in landscape mode, MiLi has added a stand found in the back and can be popped out for your viewing pleasure.


Power Angel 2 In Action


During the course of my review, I always connected the MiLi Power Angel 2 whenever my iPhone’s battery meter is down to 1%. My usage while charging wasn’t that heavy and all I did was post on my social networking accounts every half-hour. In less than 3 hours, my iPhone 5 is fully charged at 100%. This result was consistent on those 3 times I’ve used the Power Angel 2 for charging, except for that other time when I used my phone longer than usual when it conked out at 90%. The battery capacity of the MiLi Power Angel 2 is 2,200 mAh which explains why it can fully charge the iPhone 5.

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I almost forgot. According to the box of the Power Angel 2, the powerbank can be used for the iPad Mini as well. Don’t expect it to fully charge the tablet though.

Not for all iPhone 5 Cases

Unfortunately, the Power Angel 2 cannot be used for iPhone 5 with thick cases. My Lifeproof Frē  is one of them and its thick layer prevents the Power Angel 2 to connect to the iPhone. So if you are using cases like those from Lifeproof or Otterbox, be prepared to remove them whenever you need to charge.



If you are not using a slim case and not one of those armor cases, then I strongly suggest buying a MiLi Power Angel 2 for your iPhone 5. As long as you keep your usage to a minimum, the Power Angel 2 will guarantee you to have a fully charged iPhone and help you get through your busy day.


  • No extra cables
  • Fully charges the iPhone 5
  • Comes with a built-in stand


  • None

SRP: Php 2,400

COLORS: Available in Black and White

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