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I’ve been wanting to buy a battery pack specifically made for an iPhone 5 ever since LTE for everyone’s favorite smartphone was introduced earlier this year. If some iPhone users are already complaining about its battery life, what more to those who are using its LTE connection? Boy, am I glad MiLi learned about my predicament and lent me their Power Spring 5 for review. Did it keep up with my busy lifestyle as a Business Development Manager / Blogger?


Powerbank and Case 

I’ve started using powerbanks since 2008 and having one is always a godsend to me. I have to admit though that it can be sometimes inconvenient because: 1. it’s a separate device meaning you can either forget it or worse, lose it. and 2. it can be a hassle to hold both the powerbank and the smartphone while it is being charged.  The MiLi Power Spring 5 brings iPhone 5 users the convenience of not having to bring a separate powerbank.


The MiLi Power Spring 5 is made of plastic with a glossy finish. The use of plastic makes it lighter to carry compared to other juice packs in the market. Don’t expect it to be thin though, as this case comes with a built-in 2,200 mAh battery. My only caveat so far is that the case doesn’t fully protect the iPhone 5 from bumps and scratches as the top, bottom and volume areas are not covered. I think it was designed that way so that the user will be able to remove the iPhone 5 from the case.

The battery indicator is found at the back of the MiLi Power Spring 5 while the Micro USB slot is found on its side for charging. A Micro USB cable is included in the box.

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You may notice the the Power Spring 5 is shorter than the competition. This is because the charging tip is hidden at the back of the case. The Lightning tip is supported by a cable made of rubber and it seems to be sturdy enough. Thanks to its short length, my iPhone 5 with the Power Spring 5 doesn’t peek out of my jeans pocket.


Power Spring 5 in Action

The review unit of the MiLi Power Spring 5 arrived when I was very busy with meetings for the whole week. Thursday was my first day of using the Power Spring 5, and my iPhone 5’s battery was down to 7% after 4 hours of sharing my LTE connection, Waze navigation, long phone calls and emails. I charged it with the Power Spring 5 while I made a call on Skype, sharing my LTE connection, few more exchange of emails, SMS and phone calls. It stopped charging after 2 hours with around 70%+ on my iPhone’s battery meter. Day 2 was a lighter load for me so there weren’t much phone calls and emails, except for using Waze. From 2%, it was able to charge my iPhone up to around 80%.



Day 3 showed a different result. It was a Saturday and it wasn’t a busy day for my iPhone but for testing purposes, I let it drain with 1% left on its battery meter. Unlike the 2 previous days, I charged the iPhone 5 with the MiLi Power Spring 5 with minimal usage. I only checked my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds a few times with occasional posts of my own. After a couple of hours, I discovered that it was able to fully charge my iPhone 5, and it was still charging even when it reached 100%. I used it again on different occasions for the next few weeks (with 1% or 2% left) and I realized that as long as my usage is not heavy (like what I’ve done in Days 1 & 2), the Power Spring 5 is certainly capable of charging the iPhone 5 up to full tank!

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After using it for a month, I can say that the MiLi Power Spring 5 is currently my favorite accessory for my iPhone 5. It prevented my iPhone from dying in the middle of those hectic work days or event coverages. In any case that the Power Spring 5 ran out of battery life and I need to charge it, then I just simply have to find a Micro USB cable which is available almost everywhere. It’s easier to find a Micro USB cable than a Lightning cable, right?

With the ability to fully charge an iPhone combined with convenience, the MiLi Power Spring 5 is is a must-have for every iPhone 5-wielding road warrior like me.



  • Lightweight
  • Can fully charge an iPhone 5 even with 1% left
  • Shorter size compared to similar products in the market


  • Top, bottom and volume areas of the iPhone 5 are not covered.

SRP: Php 3,300

COLORS: Available in Black and White


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[…] couple of months ago, I reviewed the MiLi Power Spring 5 which almost became a permanent accessory for my iPhone 5. However, there are days that I wanted […]

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