Nokia E3101 Essential TWS Earbuds Review: Everyday Essential

We all know Nokia best for its legendary analog phones that defined the 80’s and 90’s kids’ childhood. An icon, in the mobile world, the brand has since ebbed down from its glory days but has arguably never been forgotten.

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Nokia E3101 Essential TWS Earbuds

In this age of smart-everything, the 3310 will now forever be remembered (fondly) through memes and Nokia has been keeping up. The brand has since released smartphones, audio devices, laptops, and even smart home devices. Let’s take a look at the iconic brand’s latest budget TWS offering—the E3101.

Nokia E3101 Essential TWS Earbuds

Pocket-Sized Sound

Unboxing the E3101 is pretty straightforward. It comes in minimalist packaging that takes you straight to the earbuds. Also included inside is a USB-C charger cord. The earbuds themselves come in a carrying case made of matte plastic. It’s nowhere near luxurious looks-wise but feels sturdy and is light and compact. Our test unit came in black, but there’s also a white or blue color option available.

Nokia E3101

Up front are four indicator lights which display power and connectivity settings. Snapping open the case automatically turns on the earbuds and its Bluetooth pairing function. Connecting your devices to the E3101 is quick and pain-free most times although we did encounter occasional hiccups when connecting previously paired devices with it.   

All About That Bass

Nokia E3101

The Nokia E3101 is an entry-level TWS with surprisingly great sound. Its mids and highs are clear and crisp and the bass is definitely not missing in action in this set up. Dare we say, it’s got even better bass than some TWS earbuds above its range. It’s great to listen on in quiet set-ups but in busier environments, there’s no noise cancelling here to drown out the bustle.  

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Nokia advertises a five-hour playtime with the carrying case holding four full charges—totaling twenty hours of playtime in all. We used it for a four hour call along with some light listening in a go and it didn’t disappoint. A very useful feature the E3101 comes with are the indicator lights on the case which let you know just how much battery you have left.

Everyday Companion

Be it working, working out, commuting, or wherever life takes you—the Nokia E3101 has got your back. The buds fit snugly in one’s ears and is comfortable even with several hours of use. It doesn’t slip out when doing yoga inversions or jogs—but be warned: it’s only IP44 rated or splash-proof so it’s better not to risk it out when it’s pouring rain or on particularly sweaty workouts.

Nokia E3101

For those reliant on their virtual assistants, the Nokia E3101 also comes compatible with Google Assistant or Siri, which you can bring up with a tap of your earbuds.


The Nokia E3101 is a quick recommend when it comes to budget TWS earbuds. Sound-wise, it’s more than you’ll typically get on entry-levels. Coupled with its long battery life, it’s a reliable, everyday-listening setup that won’t break the bank.

The Nokia Essential E3101 TWS Earbuds retail for P1,999. Learn more about it here.

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