ASUS Intel 700 and 600, Plus AMD AM5 Motherboards Now Support 256GB of DDR5 Memory

ASUS has recently announced BIOS updates that enable support for up to 256 GB of memory on its Intel 700 and 600 series motherboards that use DDR5 modules. ...

Gigabyte BIOS TPM 2.0 for Windows 11 Upgrade

Here’s an announcement on select Gigabyte Motherboards features BIOS TPM 2.0 Function for Windows 11 Upgrade. For those wanting to try out the developer’s ...

Support for 5th Gen Intel Core Processors Released by ASUS

ASUS has recently announced the availability of BIOS updates for 9 Series motherboards that would ensure support for 5th-generation Intel Core processors. ...

ASUS Launches its Newest Series of Gamer Motherboards and Video Cards with Cherry Credits

Last October 16, ASUS has launched their newest series of Gamer Motherboards: the H97-Pro Gamer, the B85-Progamer, and the A88X Gamer. This is in partnership ...

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