Sun PostPaid
End of an era: Sun Postpaid rebrands to Smart Postpaid

More subscribers can expect a bettermobile experience as Sun Postpaid officially rebrands to Smart Postpaid starting April 25, Monday. Under this ...

Win a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 with Sun Postpaid!

Have you always wanted a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0? Avail any offer from Spinnr, GameX, and Buqo using your Sun Postpaid line and get the chance to win one! ...

Get a Microsoft Lumia 535 with Sun Plan 499

Looking for a solid Windows phone bundle that isn't heavy on the pocket? Subscribe to Sun Plan 499 and get a Microsoft Lumia 353, the first Lumia outside of ...

Personalize Your Internet Experience with Sun Postpaid’s iBundles

Sun Cellular understands that everyone has a different mobile lifestyle -- that's why they've recently launched Sun Postpaid's new iBundles to cater to ...

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