Why I think the PLDT Roku is a Must-Have in Every Home?

Last summer, I had an opportunity to test the PLDT Roku device for a couple of weeks. Roku provides the simplest way to provide more entertainment to your TV at home, and it did just that to mine (Check out my video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BpOPgI2hrI&feature=youtu.be.) The experience I had was purely positive and I was convinced to get one for myself.

It’s been 4 months since I acquired a PLDT Roku device for my home and I still thoroughly enjoy it! In fact, thinking about watching movies or TV shows with Roku makes me excited to go home right away.

So why do I like love PLDT Roku so much? It’s because it gave me more entertainment than what my TV has done in years. I think it’s a must-have device for every home. Let me explain further.



I’ve been wanting to subscribe to CIGNAL TV for my household since the start of the year. Its channel line-up consists of a lot of movie channels made me sold, with NBA Premium channel as a big bonus. When I got the review unit of Roku, I was excited (and confused at the same time) that CIGNAL TV is also supported by the device. How? We all know that to subscribe to CIGNAL TV, they need to install a satellite dish and a digital box at your home. I don’t know how they did it, but they were able to find a way to have it streamed through the internet similar to what other VOD (Video-on-Demand) services do. Because of this, I avoided paying installation fees for a satellite dish and its digital box at home. All I did was plugged-in my PLDT Roku to my TV via HDMI and Voilà!

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I am an iflix subscriber since 2015 and I love it to bits. It was responsible for making me stop downloading file torrents on the net and stream movies and TV shows on my smartphone using the app. Months after its release, I got myself a Google Chromecast so I can stream iflix from my phone to our TV. Nothing wrong with that, but I wished that iflix would have an app for TVs soon. With PLDT Roku, my wish for iflix to have its own app for TVs was answered! I am now able to enjoy award-winning TV dramas, Koreanovelas, and of course movies I would love to watch again.

Also worth mentioning is iflix’s content for kids. I plan to have my daughter spend her weekends with me at home, and to make her feel at home, she needs to have her dose of kid-friendly cartoons. iflix has got that covered for me as most of her favorite cartoons are already in their library. I hope she will visit me soon so we can watch those shows together.



Just like iflix, we are so used to watch YouTube on our smartphones, tablets and PCs. Thanks to PLDT Roku, we can watch YouTube on TV as well! The experience of watching YouTube on TV is absolutely better than on a mobile device. I’ve spent hours and hours of mindless watching, skipping from old TV shows to unique but funny TV commercials around the world to V-Logs produced by talented YouTubers.


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PLDT Roku is not just consuming content its throwing at us. It is also a way for us to access our personal memories that were stored in USB devices and memory cards that were meant to be relived again. I plugged in my 500GB external drive to my Roku device and it was able to show me all the photos and videos I took several years ago. I smiled, laughed, and sometimes got teary-eyed as I viewed these files one after another.

The Roku device can also be used for mirroring Android devices. One time I had to show my mom a video I took in one of my trips. Instead of making her watch on my phone, I paired my phone with the PLDT Roku and we watched the video being played on our TV.



I don’t know if you’ll ever get tired watching CIGNAL TV, iflix, YouTube or your personal media files. But just in case if you do, (which I reckon is less likely to happen) just visit the Roku Channel Store and download more channels. Just like in YouTube, you just search for shows that may interest you. One channel I found which I still watch up to today on my own PLDT Roku device was TWiT. I’ve been following this network for more than a decade which consists of all sorts of technology shows. Thanks to the TWiT app I found in the store, I am able to watch TWiT shows live as well as previous episodes of their other shows.

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