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Lenovo IdeaPad 3 14ALC6 – A Powerful Performance on Budget Laptop

In the field of my profession, teaching has become efficient and productive with the help of my smooth-running, Lenovo IdeaPad 3 14ALC6. Balancing a tight ...

HUAWEI nova 11: A Promising All-powerful Portrait Phone 

Catering to the needs of the nova users, HUAWEI has finally made another innovation on their newest nova series and one of which is the HUAWEI nova 11. The ...

5 Compelling Reasons to Hold Off on Buying an iPhone Until iPhone 15

Unveiling iPhone 14 series last September 14, 2022 has moved every tech enthusiast and apple fans with the outstanding features it has and expect much on the ...

CONQuest 2023 – A Great Opportunity for Local Game Developers

Local and international game developers and content creators came to the most awaited CONQuest 2023 at SMX Convention at Pasay City, Manila from June 2,3 and ...

Redefined Accessibility: realme C-Series Sets New Benchmark for Entry-Level Smartphones

Customization has always been part of the smartphone experience, from selecting our preferred alarms to choosing the quirkiest phone case that best reflects ...

An Innovative Tablet Companion in Teaching and Learning – Huawei MatePad SE 10.4

In this time and age, learning has evolved through technology in education. With such innovations made by different tech brands in the market, here comes our ...

realme C55 Full Review – Sleek, Solid, Affordable

Among the C-Series of realme, another innovation was born with their newest model - the realme C55. As people from all generations have been eyeing something ...

Cherry Capsule Earbuds: Your Innovative Capsule Earbuds for your Audio Experience

Finding the most suitable in-ear wireless earbuds nowadays has been significant, especially to people who always wanted the freedom to go wireless. After ...

First Impressions: A Quick Glance on realme C55

As I have been exposed to the recent trend of smartphones in the market, realme is one of the brands that I have always been eyeing. With their newest on ...

Solving Confusions: A Quick Comparison Guide on Android TV VS Google TV

In the recent past, a lot of people are struggling with the “Which is better?” dilemma on Android TV vs Google TV - Google’s second smart TV platform, ...

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