5 Compelling Reasons to Hold Off on Buying an iPhone Until iPhone 15

Unveiling iPhone 14 series last September 14, 2022 has moved every tech enthusiast and apple fans with the outstanding features it has and expect much on the release of the iPhone 15 series. A huge significant leap that the brand had made compared to its predecessors. But, thinking about upgrading your phone has a lot of things to sift through. Is it really a good deal to wait for the iPhone 15 rather than buying the iPhone 14? Here are some reasons you can think about and consider. Let us check all of them out.

Things to Consider Why Wait for the iPhone 15

iPhone 14 vs iPhone 15
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1. Pill Shaped Notch

First, the iPhone 15 will still have its pill-shaped notch that the company calls the Dynamic Island. We have seen how this made it have a stunning display in delivering alerts and live activities at the top of the display around the notch. Incoming calls can be seen at a glance same with checking other app features without opening them at all.

2. Comfortable Design

Next, the iPhone 15 will be having its edges to be slightly rounded, therefore, making it have a much comfortable feel and secured grip when you are holding it and, still keeping its sides flat. No more falling phones at your faces when holding them while lying down on your bed.

3. USB Type-C Port

Also, the iPhone 15 will be the first ever iPhone to feature a USB-C port. Since the EU has been mandating that Apple should embrace USB-C by the end of 2024, they will be finally ditching its port with a USB 2.0 speed which is a 22-year-old USB Standard similar to those lightly used. Still, this won’t be a big deal as it is still an apple phone.

4. Better Processor

One thing to consider why it’s a good deal to wait for the iPhone 15 is its arrival with the A16 chipset which the current iPhone 14 series have already used. 

5. Camera Quality

Lastly, we will still be given a mesmerizing camera quality by the iPhone 15 as it is said to have a 48 megapixels main camera sensor. A bigger sensor which will deliver stunning and vivid details for your images. Having said that the current model gives a very good sense of what is possible when it comes to capturing photos, the iPhone 15 will still have it all for to you in one click.

Final Thoughts 

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Photo credit to https://www.apple.com/

This might definitely be a turn around question if you are someone who eyes to have an iPhone. Whether to buy the current iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max model now or wait for the iPhone 15 Pro series. But, with the above mentioned improvements that we can get from the soon to come 2023 model, we can say that all of these are good to consider.

Skipping the current model, the iPhone 14, could possibly be a wise decision if you have the budget, and waiting for the iPhone 15 may be the better option. If the dilemma is all about budget concern, you can just simply wait for a few months as the price of the iPhone 14 will fall on iPhone 15’s launch. 

Such significant upgrades from this package are worth the wait and could save buyers from potential regret in buying the current models impulsively. Still, with all of these good deals, a general recommendation for your purchase and choice will all depend on your needs and priorities. 


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