Cherry Capsule Earbuds: Your Innovative Capsule Earbuds for your Audio Experience

Finding the most suitable in-ear wireless earbuds nowadays has been significant, especially to people who always wanted the freedom to go wireless. After several product generations, Cherry has developed their newest piece of innovation – the Cherry Capsule Earbuds. With all of the learned lessons to enhance our audio experience, this one might be the most impressive earbuds revolution that Cherry has made.

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The Cherry Capsule Earbuds has a new innovative way of opening its case which might be an eye-turner for those music lovers. Its ergonomic design will give us a comfortable audio experience as we are listening to our favorite songs during long drives. Bringing it anywhere wouldn’t also be a hassle as it is lightweight and compact.

With is a pure dynamic sound that supports ENC, SBC, AAC, your me time with this Cherry Capsule would be definitely amazing. It also supports haptic sensors on its touch control that will not require you to use your smartphone on navigating your songs or phone calls by means of its tapping gestures. Also, it has a binaural host design which is seamless in pairing and switching it to your phone, laptop, or any gadget. 

What made this Cherry Capsule Earbuds interesting is how more features will be accessible as it works with its companion app – the Cherry Home App. Balancing the audio quality can be done in this app as it provides it equalizer feature where you control it to suit your preferred audio quality.

Charging wouldn’t be a problem as these earbuds can also charge themselves on their charging case. Definitely, having earbuds that can last for hours would definitely suit long travels even virtual conferences, running a marathon, or sitting on the bus.

Cherry Capsule Earbuds 1

Cherry Capsule Earbuds Features and Specifications

  • Control using Cherry Home App
  • Support ENC, SBC, AAC
  • Touch control
  • Innovative way to open
  • Pure dynamic sound
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable wearing
  • Long endurance
  • Binaural host design seamlessly pairing and switching
  • Lightweight design
  • Equalizer feature through app

The Cherry Capsule Earbuds is the latest modern generation of wireless in-ear gadgets that would give convenience during conversations with your friends & peers. 

The Cherry Capsule Earbuds is priced at Php 1,499 and is available at their official store at Cherry Shop, Lazada, and Shopee.

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