DeepCool CH560 Digital Airflow Case Mixing High Airflow with Digital Displays

DeepCool CH560 Digital is an ATX form factor high airflow case that ticks all the right boxes for a modern Gaming PC case. It is a well built and designed chassis that offers a lot for its worth. Released as a follow up model that features an LCD display for CPU and GPU stats from the CH510 Mesh Digital; the DeepCool CH560 offers a more luxurious design that evokes DeepCool’s current branding and design language of using pixel/square pattern. Let’s take a closer look at the CH560.

DeepCool CH560 Digital Build and Design

The CH560 Digital internally follows a similar pattern as with other CG/CH series from the company, hence folks upgrading from other models of the line will encounter some familiarity with the case design and feel. However, there are some aspects that were improved. The case stands at a dimension of 458×230×471mm(L×W×H), roughly the same dimensions as the other DeepCool CG/CH ATX case models, except for a couple of mm added in height or length. Internally however, DeepCool made some improvements with some interior fittings.

Bigger Fans are Supported for Improved Cooling, Now Includes a Removable Front Panel Tray

DeepCool updated the case’s front panel to allow up to a maximum of140mm fans to fit. The 140mm fans allow for improved airflow inside the case at lower fan speeds leading to a quieter machine. Plus, the case is designed to have a removable tray for the front of the case, making installation much easier for both fan and radiator (360mm and 280mm radiators are supported, but fitment change if installing radiator and fan to the front). Also, the front panel now allows for a fan configuration where the fans are installed outside the case, just behind the filtered front panel. This setup now provides additional extra space for long graphics card to be installed.

20240126 160210
DeepCool CH560 Digital Supports 140mm Fans in front (3x 140mm included), top (up to 2x 140mm), and rear (1x 140mm)

The included four 140mm fans have ARGB support and seems to be a model not found on retail fan models from DeepCool. All of these are pre-routed, and daisy chained together. All we need to do is find the end points and plug these to the motherboard fan connectors. The ARGB connectors can connect to the built in ARGB controller, which is controlled by the CH560 Digital’s top panel RGB lighting button.

As for the top panel, it just has enough connectivity to supply one of each USB 3.2 Type A and Type C, a TRSS Audio port, and the RGB lighting button. I attempted to use the button as a reset switch, but unfortunately the wire is configured for a plug-in type that clips onto its connector (wide), and may require splicing to a standard two-hole female plug to use in the front panel reset pins on the motherboard.

Improved Rear Space for Cable Management

The opposite all-metal side panel still uses the same two thumb screw design. Inside is still similar to other DeepCool ATX case designs, but this time around, they have pre-installed Velcro cable management ties and have pre-cable managed some of the existing cables from the top panel controls and included fans. Also included is a small ARGB controller for managing the ARGB lighting for the fans, and is the same as from other DeepCool cases, in particular the CG560 that we have reviewed a few years back.

20230814 225614
DeepCool CG 560 “Rear” Side, pre-cable managed and fans are daisy chained.

Routing of all cables was manageable thanks to the channel cutout/frame at the back of the motherboard tray. But since the setup used cable extensions, there’s a bit of additional planning needed when properly routing the pre-made extensions with power supply cables. Luckily, the HDD tray is movable and allowing for a more cavernous space for storing excess power supply cables. And even if the tray is moved, it does not affect the Digital Display cable, which has enough length to reach any motherboard’s USB2 connector.

Installation of the HDDs to the tray are the same as the CG560. 3.5″ drives slide-in to the tray, in this configuration, I’ve placed one drive on the top layer and another drive inside the tray. The tray is removable for easier drive installation.

However, the biggest improvement over from the CG560 is the change made in later DeepCool cases for 2.5″ HDD/SSD drives. In the CG560, installation used to require the 2.5″ drive to be installed BEFORE installing the motherboard as it needs to be screwed in. Now, we simply install pegs to the 2.5″ drive and installation is just a push fit affair into the motherboard tray’s drive mounts. The rubber grommets for the drive mounts now acts as a friction point for the pegs, securing the drives.

Lighter, Easier to Install Hybrid Tempered Glass Side Panel

The hybrid tempered glass side panel now has a third of it with a metal mesh part, adding both space for the LCD cover as well as ample breathing space for air to pass through from the side for the GPU. This set up also lightens the overall weight. Another improvement is the mounting system of the side panel. There are some magnets installed on the top portion of the case’s sides that the side panel attaches to. This secures the side panel now to the case and allows for quick removal when performing some quick fixes inside the PC. Unlike previous tempered glass side panels, only one screw is needed, or actually optional if not moving around the case as the magnet is quite strong.

It’s About the Digital Display

For the piece-de-resistance, the Digital display. DeepCool added a digital display down the side of the case’s lower side, near the front panel. The display itself doesn’t interfere with the hard drive mount installed as there’s ample space for it. A single USB 2.0 cable with an internal connector is used to interface with the motherboard. This will use up a motherboard’s USB 2.0 connector for its use. A software package from DeepCool (also shared with their Digital Cooler series) is used to manage the display.

20230815 162320

Note: The temperature being reported for the CPU uses the CPU Package temperature, and not the CPU Die. Hence if looking at temps using HWInfo, it will more or less match closely to the CPU Package attribute.

The digital interface allows for both CPU and GPU statistics to be displayed. We can choose from either Temperature (degrees Celsius or Farenheit) or Usage (%), or have the software handle it automatically periodically displaying either usage or temperature numbers. Usage by default is represented as a green horizontal bar that fills up the more the CPU/GPU is utilized. If there are certain points the display freezes or doesn’t work in the case of a GPU driver update, we can reboot the display through the software. The DeepCool digital display management software is lightweight and is not intrusive at startup and can quickly be accessed from the system tray in Windows by right clicking the DeepCool icon.

Screenshot 2024 01 31 150325
DeepCool DIGITAL Application in Windows System Tray

Useability wise, the DeepCool CH560 Digital’s needs to be setup on top of your desk to its side or at an angle in order to see the digital display. Hence, placing it on the ground defeats its purpose. Or even facing the digital display away from the user, and those looking for a non-RGB lighted/blacked out case would probably avoid or get the non-Digital CH560 model. However, it’s a very useful piece of equipment for monitoring temperatures outside of using onboard system monitoring software like HWInfo for getting quick and immediate information regarding the CPU and GPU.

DeepCool CH560 Digital Summary

The DeepCool CH510 introduced the idea of having a status display included on a desktop case. The DeepCool CH560 ups the ante by revamping the external design, and internal features. Adding an additional output for GPU temps and usage, it delivers more information to users. By including not one 140mm fan, but four 140mm fans that are pre-routed reduces setup time. And these large fans get in more air at lower speeds and lower noise levels. And the improved mesh design (versus DeepCool’s older models) for the front and a hybrid glass and mesh side cover provides even better airflow into the case.

With the arrival of the Morpheus, a fully customizable/modular PC case, the CH560 Digital now sits in the middle of DeepCool’s latest chassis offerings. And with the recent announcement last CES of an ITX and mATX case line-up, there should be a Digital case for each size. But for now, the DeepCool CH560 Digital fits the bill for anyone looking for a great airflow oriented ATX case that includes four 140mm ARGB fans, ample space for long graphics cards, and space for up to 360mm radiators installed on top or in front of the case, albeit a little pricier than the usual DeepCool ATX chassis.

The DeepCool CH560 Digital is currently out at around Php 6000 at online and physical stores in the Philippines. It also has a White version that came out recently and retails at around Php 6500 online and physical stores

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