DeepCool CG560 Airflow Case Review

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DeepCool CG560 Airflow Case

Not to be confused with its sibling CK560, the DeepCool CG560 is a high airflow case and more economical model of the two. It comes as a mid-tower chassis with its color being black.

Material and Controls

Case material comes as a combination of steel and plastic, for the chassis frame and the front panel. The chassis’ metal construction is rigid; even if steel panel thickness is on the thin side. The thinner metal panels however would need a little TLC especially when mounting case fans. All that aside, this makes the entire case light yet sturdy. The tempered glass side panel is thick, and actually weighs the same as the entire CG560 Airflow Case. Hence, it’s best to carry around the case without the glass panel, and install once everything on the PC is built and placed in its proper location.

DeepCool CG560

Case interface is a simple affair of having a Power Button flanking the two USB 3 Type A ports and a single 3.5mm universal audio jack. The second button controls the lighting for fans if they are connected to the included RGB controller.

Front Panel

DeepCool CG560
The front grille follows DeepCool’s rebranded design aesthetic

The crosshair pattern of the plastic front panel allows for a high volume of air to pass through. The crosshair matches DeepCool’s new branding, and adopts the look and feel of the logo. It also comes with a magnetic dust filter to prevent dust particles from getting inside the case. There are no buttons or USB ports found in the front panel, making removal easy.

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There are three 120mm RGB fans that are daisy chained together both for its PWM and RGB. The RGB cables are routed to an included RGB controller that is connected to the RGB button on top of the case. The PWM cables for all the RGB fans are joined with a cable splitter. This keeps managing basic and overall cost down. Also, there’s a 140mm PWM fan used as exhaust.

DeepCool CG560
Open Side, airflow can be felt pushing from front of the case, to the rear and top.

When the PC fully assembled, there is unimpeded airflow from the flow going to the back. If additional fans are installed, then extra heat can be exhausted up on top.

If going for the Liquid Cooling route, the front can take in a 360mm radiator or a 280mm radiator, while the top can fit a 240mm or a 280mm radiator. A maximum height of 175mm for a CPU Cooler should it be an option.

The test conducted on the CG560 Airflow case had three DeepCool FC120 fans in front, and two more FC120 fans on top as exhaust, and the 140mm exhaust fan in the rear. This netted an average of 35degrees +/- of ambient temperature for the system installed: Intel Core i7 12700k on a B660 motherboard and RTX 3060 graphics card on idle.


The CG560 Airflow case has multiple mounting points for 2.5” SSDs. Two of these are found behind the motherboard tray, however these 2.5” drives need to be installed before the motherboard. Another 2.5” drive or a 3.5” drive can be installed on top of the drive cage at the bottom. Last, another 3.5” drive can be slotted inside the drive cage. This puts a total of three 2.5” drives and one 3.5”, or two 2.5” and two 3.5” drives.

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Motherboard installation is easy thanks to pre-installed standoffs for an ATX motherboard. If using a different size, like an iTX or a mATX motherboard, remove excess standoffs. Amazingly, the CG560 Airflow case can fit in an eATX motherboard.

There are cable routing holes conveniently placed at the bottom, sides and on top, in order to be able to service the connectors for power and data. The side holes have rubber grommets to cover and protect cables from scuffing.

DeepCool CG560
Cable Management prior to Power Supply installation.

And the side has enough anchor points for cable ties to be attached, allowing for very clean cable routing. Cables can be cleanly tucked along a path without creating unnecessary obstructions. For any extra controllers, these can be affixed to spaces at the rear of the motherboard tray, or on the 2.5” drive points if there are no use for these.


The DeepCool CG560 is a budget-friendly, high airflow case that offers a refined design based on DeepCool’s branding. Its proper implementation and use of light materials make the case durable and easy to carry. Builders may have to consider changing up some steps when building in order to be able to install 2.5” SSDs. Multiple magnetic filters add protection from dust going in from the front, top, and bottom.

The DeepCool CG560 is available at DeepCool Philippines Official Store in Lazada for Php 4,375.00

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