CONQuest 2023 – A Great Opportunity for Local Game Developers

Local and international game developers and content creators came to the most awaited CONQuest 2023 at SMX Convention at Pasay City, Manila from June 2,3 and 4, 2023. They created a surmounting energy of showcasing the craft of their imagination in this line of field. With the huge number of crowd, it is a challenge for them to level up their previous iterations and present such great and fresh innovations in the gaming industry in all ways possible to have a good grip of building their game creations into the battlefield.

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Knowing More About Indie Games 

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During the said event, CONQuest had made a great step in giving independent game developers to showcase their creation to the people. As we roamed around the different halls and came across them, we had the opportunity to meet in their booth the creators of some amazing and interesting indie games.

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Credit – Fallen Tear: The Ascension Facebook Page

One of these is the 2D Metroidvania game “FallenTear” from their developer WInter Crew and publisher CMD Studios. Coming soon on Steam, it is an open-world team exploration game based on epic fantasy that will challenge your skill being leveled up with their highly detailed 2D artwork. As they claim it, it is a classic style yet never grows old.

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Aside from Ruinarch which is a simulation game focusing on story generation that is already available in Steam, another interesting game from Maccima Games is its upcoming party game of survival, alliances and decpetion called “Eat the Rich”. Having a preview on its really cool graphic art will really let you feel the wait for its release before this year ends on Steam. This game is still on its beta version and is playable for 6 to 10 players. On their booth, their were generous of even giving the cool sticker art of their game featuring the notable personalities invited at CONQuest 2023.

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Gala, a Pinoy-made mobile game that will take you on a virtual field trip around the Philippines, had caught our attention. A promising game from its game maker kendikorp supported by the Cultural Center of the Phillipines via Game Development Grant. The name of the said game was derived from the Tagalog word for “travelling” or “wandering around”. This is an individual-player game alongside with non-playable characters (NPCs) where they had placed the culture of the Philippines at your hand.

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Lastly, we also bumped on kooapps’ booth. With their remarkable casual games such as Pictoword, Word Beach,  Pocket Family, Solitaire: Classic Era, Pets Race, definitely your boring momnets will end. One among their best selling and is on the top list is their, on its new competitive version of classic arcade Snake where your goal is to survive as long as you can.

Final Thoughts About CONQuest 2023

With all of the jammed-packed exhibits of local and international games, presented in such a way that the people may explore, experience and interact with other game enthusiast, the CONQuest 2023 was really a weekend extravagance for everyone that gave a strong tie to await the releases of the newly developed and soon to be released games. 

Also indeed, it was a great opportunity for all local and indie game developers and it was a blast as they were gathered perfectly in one hall. Game enthusiasts were able to roam around and check what they will look forward to in their preferred game genre. Hopefully, such games from the local scheme can be seen on the frontline of this industry.

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