Bringing Brilliance and Versatility with the New Series of Epson Compact High Brightness Laser Projectors

Epson has launched a new suite of High Brightness Laser Projectors ranging from 6,000 to 10,000 lumens. These new Epson laser projectors are engineered to offer flexibility and convenience to meet a wide spectrum of requirements and to deliver bright, true to life images across various verticals including corporate, education, and digital signage applications.

Equipped with Epson’s proprietary 3LCD technology, these new models ensure brilliant and faithful color reproduction for bright and vibrant projections. The no rainbow effect advantage also guarantees a more comfortable viewing experience during presentations in conference rooms, public displays for exhibits, or digital signages during events. 

With the high contrast ratio as well as 4K enhancement feature, these projectors are capable of delivering crisp and sharp images right down to the smallest display for a truly immersive and mesmerizing experience to captivate audiences. These projectors also support HDR10 and Hybrid Log-Gamma for more precise detailing for light and dark graduation contents, improving the vibrancy and contrast for the optimal display.

Thanks to the revolutionary 4-in-1 laser package, these projectors have a compact and lightweight design, saving on storage space and making installation a breeze. Its laser light source also allows up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free usage. The optional ELPAF63 external air filter also reduces maintenance intervals in dusty environments, such as shopping malls, museums and exhibitions.

Epson PU-series has the built-in Near Field Communication (NFC) function that works with the Epson Projector Config Tool. This intuitive application allows users to efficiently check their projector information, complete a diagnosis, configure the network, and change projection settings even when the projector is switched off. This can be done by simply placing an NFC-compatible smartphone over the NFC mark on the projector.

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This new application allows for the easy management of up to 100 projectors, reducing the time and effort required, drastically improving turnaround time and enhancing process efficiencies.

System integrators will also benefit from the Open Web API within the Epson PU-series. It allows the implementation of simple commands to control the projectors, making it easier to integrate with end-user’s existing systems.

The Epson PU-series suits Epson’s wide range of interchangeable lenses, allowing projection on curved and corner spaces, as well as the ability to project borderless multi-directional projections with 360-degree rotation – without any loss in image brightness. These projectors are perfect for projecting learning materials in class, business presentations, and digital signage requirements.

Epson Laser Projectors

Users can easily adjust position, brightness and color with the motorized lens shift and wider lens shift range. The wider lens shift range aids in optimizing adjustment precision, while the newly adopted stepping motor makes highly precise adjustments when employing projection techniques, such as edge blending and stacking, to suit wide possibilities in projector placement. To enhance usability even for ceiling-mounted projectors, such adjustments can be made via remote control or over a network.  

The optional ELPFP15 extension fitment, which can be attached to the ELPMB67 mount also allows for high ceiling applications. 

Additionally, with its Simple Stacking function, the PU-series can be stacked using a remote controller from the OSD menu instead of a conventional set-up via PC or Wi-Fi router. This enables the use of in-built processing for PC-free stacking without the need for external equipment, therefore saving costs. This makes the process faster and easier, while shortening both installation time and manpower required. 

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Further, the ELPEC01 is an external optional camera module which can be easily integrated with the Epson PU-series projectors with compatible lenses. This also supports functions such as auto color calibration as well as Geometry Correction Assist for Tiling and Stacking.

“The addition of this new range of compact and versatile laser projectors to our current High Brightness lineup reflects Epson’s commitment to strive for perfection and precision. We are confident that the Epson PU-series will deliver stimulating, immersive visual experiences to meet our customers’ business needs in various applications, from small to large scale requirements such as boardroom meetings and conferences to public displays and staging events,” said Ed Bonoan, Marketing Division Head of Epson Philippines.

Specifications for the four models under the Epson PU-series, are as follows:

Epson Laser Projectors

These Epson Laser Projectors come with 3-year limited warranty coverage and is already available in the region since January 2022. Visit for more information.

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