Cherry Mobile Launches the Omega HD… and the Flame 2.0!

 We’re now at the Manila Diamond Hotel for the launch of the Cherry Mobile Omega HD. This Jellybean-powered smartphone sports a 5-inch display, a 1GHz Dual-Core processor, Dual-SIM, 1GB of RAM, battery capacity of 2100 mAH, and a whopping 12MP Camera with Flash.

Another main feature of the Omega HD is the Dragon Trail Glass Technology, which is said to be better than Corning Gorilla Glass. A representative of Cherry Mobile is doing a demo of scratching the Omega HD with a pen, cutter, and a Swiss knife. As expected, there’s no scratches on the phone’s screen (we were wondering though how it would fair with a jackhammer.) SRP of the Omega HD is Php 7,999.00

What we didn’t expect is that they are also launching another smartphone, and me thinks it’s better than the Omega HD. While the Omega HD has a Dual-Core processor, the Cherry Mobile Flame 2.0 sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon QUAD-CORE processor. Other specs of the Flame 2.0 are 4.5″ qHD Display, Jellybean 4.1, Dual-SIM, 3G, and a 1600 mAH battery capacity. The price? It only costs Php 6,999.00!

We can’t wait to review these 2 phones, but fortunately, I won a Flame 2.0 in the raffle! So expect a review from us by next week 🙂

*Originally posted on March 18, 2013

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