Customize your Listening Experience with Beats Studio Wireless from Dr Dre

Set your music free with the newest and funkiest gear from Dr Dre.

Beats Studio Wireless brings Bluetooth listening to a whole new level. Its signature DSP software which offers great audio experience now includes dual-mode Adaptive Noise Cancelling (ANC) that will change the way you tune in or out. Whether you want to maintain that cool balance between your favorite tracks and your surroundings or totally quiet the outside world down, the ANC will adjust to your needs.

The new Beats Studio Wireless also keeps your comfort in mind, with a lighter and stronger headband that sports shorter and ergonomic ear cups that flexibly fits every head shape. You won’t have to worry about battery either, as you can charge it via micro USB anytime and anywhere.

Visit authorized resellers of MSI-ECS to get your genuine Beats Studio Wireless.

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