DeepCool AK620 CPU Cooler Review

Since the announcement of the new DeepCool AK620 large twin tower CPU cooler last year, I’ve requested our friends at DeepCool to lend one to review. Let’s see what this has in store for us.

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DeepCool AK620 CPU

The AK60 CPU Cooler is the second model line from DeepCool that has a dual tower, dual fan design; with the DeepCool Assassin being the bigger sibling of the pair using dual 140mm fans with a higher CFM value. The AK620 CPU Cooler sports dual 120mm fans. These fans are smaller than the Assassin III. This allows better clearance for RAM modules.

AK620 Material and Design

Almost the entirety of the AK620 CPU Cooler’s material is made up of aluminum. Aluminum composes its fin-stack, its pipes, and mounting brackets. The base is described by DeepCool as made of copper. But looks like it was coated with a layer of nickel to give a consistent finish as the heat pipes. The base also has a polished concave shape that pushes down on CPU effecting better contact with it.

DeepCool AK620 CPU
DeepCool designs its new coolers to have this effect on their tower coolers now.

The two 120mm PWM fans have a rated CFM of 68.99 (or 69CFM… nice). Both fans have an RPM rating of 500-1850 making it quiet enough when maintaining temperature. This provides ample air to pass through both fin-stacks pushing heat to the rear.

There are two plastic top covers on top of the fin-stack featuring the new DeepCool logos per each stack. Aside from providing aesthetics, they also protect the end points of the pipes from getting damaged, and to my observation, make a nice hold when carrying the tower cooler. The fin-stacks also have a unique design that show an alternating square pattern.

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Dimensions and Fitment

DeepCool AK620 CPU
Package includes AK620 Cooler with two 120mm Fans, a screwdriver, thermal paste of unknown quantity and pack of brackets, backplate, and PWM cable splitter.

The AK620 CPU Cooler has a heatsink dimension of 127×110×157 mm (LxWxH) and should be able to fit most desktop cases. I am able to fit this well on the DeepCool CG560 Airflow Case, on my LianLi O-11D however, I could not close the tempered glass side panel as it exceeds the maximum height by 2mm. Other O-11D variants have fixed this issue on tower style CPU coolers and are able to fit the AK620 with ease.


DeepCool AK620 CPU
The LGA 1700 mounting kit ensures perfect fit to any LGA1700 motherboard. Luckily, ASUS’s design of their motherboards allow for the older LGA 1200 (which is also backwards compatible with even older LGA mounts) brackets.

When it comes to installing the AK620, it’s easy. Simply attach the baseplate, brackets and screw in the tower cooler. DeepCool has provided me another box containing an LGA1700 compatible bracket to use. During assembly I found it much more efficient when building the 12th Gen Core i7 PC I was testing by attaching the baseplate and brackets first and mounting it on the case before the cooler. This is to allow ease of attaching the cables for the CPU power. It took some finesse attaching the power cables to the motherboard due to the size of the cooler.

Securing the AK620 involves only two spring-tensioned and captive screws and alternately screwing them down to balance the pressure of the baseplate to the thermal pasted CPU. DeepCool includes a long screw driver that is used for screwing the cooler. Attaching the fans only required to clip them on the fins using fasteners.

DeepCool AK620 CPU
Memory Modules such as the Kingston FURY BEAST DDR5 are able to clear the height restriction. It’s best to just use non RGB RAM modules since these are hidden by the AK620.

Also note that you can adjust the fan placement to fit the height of the RAM modules. But it is best that we use low profile RAM (even more economical, use non RGB RAM) in order for the fans to be flush fit to the fin-stack; letting sufficient airflow through. The Kingston FURY RAM I was reviewing has a height of 34.9mm which fits well under the allowed gap between the fan and RAM slot. My main PC’s Tforce Night Hawk RAM modules 53mm height will not fit under. Due diligence should be made when choosing a RAM for use when getting this Cooler.

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The DeepCool AK620 CPU Cooler provides an ample amount of cooling for the Core i7 12700k CPU. When testing, ambient room temperature is at 25 degrees. I have also run ASUS’s Fan Expert 4 app from the ASUS ROG B660F motherboard’s BIOS to determine the fan curve of the AK620 and the 6 case fans. The PC build uses a DeepCool CG560 airflow case.

DeepCool AK620 CPU
Sample run of an Intel i7 12700k on Cinebench R23. Note that some cores are registering as 0 degrees during the run.

Running DirectX12 Timespy gave an average of 72 degrees for the entire run, with the CPU clocking an average of 4.7GHz. Another run using Cinebench and using HWiNFO64 gave a maximum temperature of 90 degrees (as this is a CPU heavy benchmark) on one core. Averaging with all the other cores a maximum of 78.7 degrees. The idling temperature is around 33 degrees (taken from the motherboard measurement).

From the benchmark that I made on this setup, the fans began spooling up at a higher RPM at around the 60 degrees mark and tops out once it reached the temperature of 80 degrees.


The DeepCool AK620 is a robust CPU dual Tower Cooler that is able to punch well above its retail price. Its easy installation steps make setting up a breeze. The dual 120mm PWM fans push ample air to quickly cool the twin aluminum towers. While it also carries DeepCool’s rebranded aesthetic well making it a looker even if the design is simple.

The DeepCool AK620 is available from the DeepCool Philippines Official Store in Lazada for Php 3,375.

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