DeepCool Announces Free Mounting Upgrades for Intel LGA1700 Socket

DeepCool, today announced that it will provide free-of-charge mounting kits for Intel’s upcoming LGA1700 platform. This will enable customers to continue using their existing DeepCool CPU coolers on the new 12th generation Intel Core CPUs (Alder Lake S). Additionally, current and future DeepCool coolers will also include the new mounting hardware.

Intel’s new CPU will follow a new hybrid architecture that will be more powerful than previous generations through the use of high-performing, efficient cores. This new architecture will have a direct impact on the appearance of the CPU, as Alder Lake features an additional 500 contacts compared to its predecessors (i.e., 1200 to 1700); as a result, the socket had to be greatly enlarged.

DeepCool mounting LGA1700
Old mounting plate
DeepCool mounting LGA1700
New Mounting Plate

The heat spreader has a larger surface than before and most notably is no longer square, but rectangular. While this new generation of Intel CPUs promise even more performance, at the moment no readily available CPU cooler is compatible with the change.

To help with the transition DeepCool is releasing a mounting upgrade kit that will be compatible with the LGA1700 socket. The kits will feature a new backplate and associated mounting bridges for the socket and include all components required to perform the installation.

In order to receive a free mounting kit customers can contact DeepCool support with proof of purchase of either an LGA1700 processor or an LGA1700 motherboard to reserve. Depending on different service regions, shipping charges may be incurred. Without an invoice, mounting kits will be available for purchase for USD/EUR 5.99.

The following coolers will be compatible with new mounting kits.

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Model LGA1700 Mounting Bracket Kit
GAMMAXX 400/GTE/GT Series GP-G-EM009-1700
NEPTWIN Series GP-G-EM072-1700
AS500 Series/AK620GP-G-EM002-1700
CASTLE/GAMMAXX Liquid CoolersGP-G-EM172-1700

Over the course of the coming year, new and existing DeepCool products will include the appropriate mounting brackets for LGA1700.

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