Epson educates consumers on purchasing Epson Genuine Inks

Some consumers think Epson Genuine Inks are quite expensive which lead them to counterfeit Epson inks being sold at relatively lower prices these days. Although buying them might seem like you’re saving money, it comes with a lot of risks that will lead you to more problems in the future. These issues can be costly and troublesome to deal with. So, why exactly should you avoid unauthentic inks for your Epson printer?

Your Epson printer deserves only the best quality products for peak performance. Using counterfeit inks might damage the printhead and main board of your printer because they’re not compatible with each other. Instead of enjoying a seamless printing experience, you’ll find yourself making a trip to the repair shop to have your Epson printer repaired. You’ll realize soon after that you’re not actually saving money by choosing the cheaper option, and only leads to higher maintenance costs in the long run.

In addition, when Epson technicians see that you’re not using genuine Epson inks when you come for a repair, it will render your product warranty void. This will lead to more unnecessary costs. Protect your product warranty and ensure optimum performance of your Epson printer by choosing only genuine inks for it.

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Those selling counterfeit inks have made it a lot more challenging to identify unauthentic products by copying the original products’ packaging as closely as possible. To help you determine which bottles are genuine, here are some features you should look for in the packaging:

  1. Hologram Sticker – Genuine Epson ink bottles always have hologram stickers with unique QR codes. These QR codes can be scanned by QR scanner apps available in iOS and Android devices. The output scanned code should be the same as the code shown at the upper portion of the QR Label on the bottle you’re checking.
  1. Color-shifting label – When purchasing Epson inks, look for a round-shaped color-shifting label attached to the front face of the packaging.
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Epson inks are specially designed to work with Epson printers. That’s why using non-genuine inks with it might not be the best idea. Aside from possibly damaging your printer, unauthentic inks cannot provide you the high-quality, durable prints that Epson inks can promise. Make sure that you buy Epson inks from Epson authorized dealers only.

Help Epson stop the spread of counterfeit Epson inks by reporting to Epson via this link or reaching out to Epson’s Customer Support hotline. All reports will be automatically sent to the Customer Care Team. You can also visit Epson’s page for more information on our genuine Epson supplies.

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