Infinix ZERO X Pro Unveiled at Infinix Presents: See Beyond

Infinix recently held its long-awaited Infinix Presents: See Beyond online webinar event at the Royal Observatory Greenwich in London as part of the company’s strategic commercial partnership and commitment towards the world of exploration and discovery. At the event, Infinix unveiled its brand new ZERO X Pro smartphone that sets the stage for a
whole new era of mobile phone technology. Inspired by the moon and space exploration, the event brought together an incredible panel of experts from astronomy and technology to discuss all things celestial related – from the universe to the Moon.

Infinix Presents: See Beyond paid homage to the world of space exploration and discovery, as Infinix and expert panelists came together to achieve a world that empowers the younger generation to look beyond the camera
lens and realize their ambitions. Attendees of the event had the opportunity to gain expert advice, first-hand, from technology experts on how to get into a creative mindset and learn how the ZERO X Pro smartphones enable users to capture impeccable images of the starry moonlit sky. Dr. Emily shared her knowledge on astronomy and the moon, how they catch people and their imagination, and what it might mean for universe exploration now and in the future.

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The ZERO X Pro includes breakthrough visual technologies such as a 60X periscope moonshot camera and Infinix’s Galileo Algorithm Engine, a top-notch software feature allowing a high resolution looking shot of the Moon. Users can capture a crisp image of the moon using Infinix’s “Super Moon Mode” combined with the 108MP OIS primary camera. Designed with the galaxy in mind, the Nebula Black colorway is a salute to the exploration of space and emulates the endless depth of the Milky Way galaxy.

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The cutting-edge technology integrated into the Infinix ZERO X Pro is just the beginning of what the brand aims to achieve in its journey towards closing the gap between smartphone technology and stunning photography. Through this device, Infinix seeks to empower today’s youth to pick up their smartphone and create something visually incredible.

The ZERO X Pro will be available in Nebula Black, Starry Silver, and Tuscany Brown. Prices will vary from region to region.

More information about the Infinix ZERO X Pro can be found here:

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