JR-T04S Pro TWS Wireless Earbuds Review: For the Audiophile on a Budget

Joyroom’s JR-T04S Pro TWS Wireless earbuds are quite the steal. Originally priced at P2,990, you can get them from Digital Walker at only P1,990 with a Free 15W wireless charger along with a silicone case and clip. Available in White and Blue, the case sports a matte look while the earbuds themselves come with a bit of gloss.

JR-T04S Pro
What’s in the box: The JR-T04S Pro comes bundled with a silicone case and clip along with a wireless charging pad and USB type-C cord

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Small Buds, Big Sound

With a 13mm driver and true wireless stereo capability, these earbuds don’t skimp on sound. I’m the kind of listener who likes to hear the nuances and subtle shifts in music. In quiet rooms, the JR-T04S Pro delivers it well enough. But sometimes, when there’s a lot of background noise, I find myself having to crank the volume up a little too much to catch the notes.

JR-T04S Pro

These earbuds will snugly stay put during runs, downward facing dogs, and side stretches. The point being it takes a lot to shake them off. Touch sensors on both sides allow you to pause and skip tracks and its intelligent ear detection lets you take one out without pausing whatever you’re listening to. However, I found the touch sensors to be a little too sensitive. A whisper of a touch—when you tuck your hair behind your ear, for example, or reach to adjust the buds—will stop your music.


JR-T04S Pro
Take your sound anywhere

The JR-T04S Pro is light and compact, making it ideal to take along with you on runs and hikes, busy workdays, and just about anything you can dream of. The silicone case and clip make it very portable. And if you’re like me and phones and earphone cases tend to slip right out of your (pajama) pockets, then these are the earbuds you need.

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A whole workday doesn’t make these buds break a sweat. Usually, my biggest issue with most true wireless earbuds is that they lose power way too quickly, especially if you’re in an online meeting and suddenly have to scramble to find a new pair of earphones. Joyroom boasts of a 14.5-hour long battery life on the JR-T04S Pro and was true to its word. During testing, it took around two and a half days of on and off use before it needed a recharge. This was quite impressive on my book, because it was a four-going-on-five hour long Zoom meeting that finally took it out (and it wasn’t just the earphones who wanted to go at that point).  

JR-T04S Pro

Charging is a breeze with both a standard USB type-C cable or the 15W wireless charger that comes in the box. Connecting your device to the earphones are also a no-brainer—just snap the case lid up, look it up on your phone (JR-T04S Pro), and connect. Connection range is also good, allowing several feet of distance between you and your device without disconnecting or giving you choppy audio.


The JR-T04S Pro TWS wireless earbuds are a good choice if you’re looking for true wireless earphones that will not break the bank and can work and sweat it out with you all day long. Get yours at Digital Walker stores (or online) or on Lazada.


Bluetooth version: 5.0

Type: Half in-ear

Audio Decoding: AAC/SBC

Speaker Sensitivity: 115 DB

Mic Sensitivity: -42db

Frequency Range: 50Hz-10kHz

Battery Capacity: Earphones- 30mAh/Case- 400mAh

Charging: via USB type-C or Wireless Charging Pad

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