LG Velvet – LG’s Upcoming Phone to Break Away from the Norm

LG’s switching things up this year with its next premium phone LG Velvet! LG’s would be naming the latest phone “LG Velvet”, a break-away from their current alphanumerical naming style. Are we seeing a new era for LG?

Right away it seems that LG is scrapping their G series for a completely new lineup with reports on that weeks before. The new family’s lightly teased with LG’s announcement that their new smartphone would focus on stylish, tactilely pleasing design.

This explains why the term “velvet” was used. Lustrous smoothness and premium softness looks to be the core theme. LG aims that with these expressive names, users will immediately identify the compatibility of the phone’s personality with theirs. Moreover, LG confirms that LG velvet will be the start of their new naming style.

LG teased the LG Velvet in their recent press release with sketches of an unconventional design far away from what we’re used to on LG phones. Most noticeable is the raindrop camera module very different with what we see lately.

LG Velvet
Image from LG’s Newsroom

It’s new 3D arc design is enough talk on why LG deems this smartphone easier to hold than their previous units. They’re symmetrically curving both the display glass and the rear glass for an impressive tactile experience.

LG Velvet
Image from LG’s Newsroom

Other than these, LG hasn’t shared any new information on the LG velvet. Whether it’s basic specs, pricing, or release date, it’s still unclear. Naver, Korean News Portal, reported however that the release date would be on May 15.

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Rumors from reliable tech sites such as 9to5google and The Verge reports that the LG Velvet might be getting a Snapdragon 765 with integrated 5G. If that’s true it’s hinting on an affordable price range.

LG Velvet
Image from LG’s Newsroom

It’s exciting to see how this will play out the following weeks. Check back here for more updates!

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2 years ago

[…] the last. It doesn’t say much as far as specs go but the rear camera design is reminiscent of LG’s upcoming Velvet smartphone with a water drop rear camera design. Surprisingly, while this might be fake, a lot of other […]

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