New Year, New Discoveries with PLDT Home

The year 2020 was a challenging one but it also made Filipinos realize the most important and meaningful constant in life – FAMILY and HOME. As the nation looks forward to a hopeful start of new year, PLDT Home wraps up 2020 with a collection of inspiring narratives that attested to the strength of Filipino families and the learning experiences that prepared each one for a better new year ahead.

Watch this new year video of PLDT Home:

Life may have become a bit different than how Filipinos are used to, but one thing is certain – strong connections at home enable families to thrive and strengthen relationships. What was once almost unimaginable became inevitable and a necessity in 2020 – online learning, online shopping, office video call meetings, and next level opportunities for business: digital or online selling. Entertainment at home has also evolved – grandparents getting into the Tiktok craze, children watching Korean dramas on Viu and Netflix, and even parents starting to learn and enjoy esports at home with their children.

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It is quite undeniable that daily activities became centered at home. As a brand that provides the strongest connections at home, PLDT Home has become essential in enabling families to thrive in 2020 by providing them reliable digital connectivity to access online learning, set up home offices, build and rebuild businesses through online platforms, and many others. In a new video, PLDT Home highlights the importance of connection between families – the bind that gives us hope and meaning. It further strengthened the realization that despite the many challenges, the more bonding moments and constant connection shared among families, the stronger they become. PLDT Home’s #StoriesAtHome have made people realize what truly matter amidst the challenges of the year.

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The new year may be uncertain. But there is one thing assured of keeping people together. It is the connections that each family continues to nurture and feel encouraged to face the coming new year head on and still brimming with confidence and hope.

PLDT Home wishes you and your family to look forward to a new year with new hope.

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