O2 Graphite


The O2 Graphite is the latest 3G Windows Mobile Smartphone that’s going to be released in the Philippine market. A friend of mine let me played the Graphite and it was pretty responsive thanks to its Intel XScale processor. It’s lightweight but thicker than the Dopod 595 smartphone I used to have. The O2 Graphite has some 3rd party softwares installed like Code Wallet Pro and Jeyo SMS Backup and other O2 branded applications. The keypad is friendly to my thumb for composing SMS but the left and right softkeys as well as the home and return buttons are kinda hard for me to press.

While playing with it, someone made a video call to my friend and the VGA camera quality is good.

The SRP of the O2 Graphite in the Philippines is Php 25,000.00 (around US$520.00)

graphite3.jpg graphite4.jpg graphite5.jpg

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