RAKK Pirah Mechanical Keyboard Released

RAKK Gears recently launched its newest wireless mechanical gaming keyboard – RAKK Pirah. This compact and lightweight gaming peripheral delivers a solid experience with designs that fit your gaming motif.  

Pirah mechanical keyboard

RAKK Pirah is the newest wireless gaming keyboard with a 65% layout under RAKK’s  portfolio of mechanical keyboards . This 69-key PC peripheral provides the best features of a full keyboard by keeping a very compact profile. This frees up more desk space for better space management. 

RAKK Pirah mechanical keyboard comes at a great price starting from Php2,895 only. This makes RAKK Pirah, one of the most price friendly in the market today. The user can get so much from its features and specs at this budget-friendly price.  

Customizable Design and Switches 

RAKK’s newest wireless keyboard uses high-quality materials. And it features a minimalist design that will surely fit on many gaming desk layouts. It comes in black, white, and pink color variants. 

Pirah mechanical keyboard

RAKK Pirah mechanical keyboard has a design with several layers for comfort, typing acoustics, high protection, and a better experience. The layers include the PBT keycaps, the case, plate, factory-lubricated stabilizer, PCB board, silicone cushion, and PCB foam.  

Also, users can customize the keyboard with their own favorite keycaps. Many RAKK Pirah users can buy their own PBT keycaps with their preferred designs and colors. This adds aesthetics to their newest gaming keyboard. 

This RGB keyboard has 8 million backlight colors. Users can customize the LEDs with the RAKK finetuner software downloadable at the RAKK website or by using Fn + TAB key. 

Pirah mechanical keyboard

Keyboard enthusiasts will definitely enjoy this hot-swappable keyboard, which is compatible with either 5-pin or 3-pin switches.  Choose from seven (7) mechanical switches, including two (2) of the newest RAKK 5-pin mechanical switches— RAKK Katala Linear Switch and RAKK Kalaw Tactile Switch. Furthermore, other switches are also available such as Kailh Box White, Kailh Speed Bronze, Gateron Yellow Milky, Gateron Red Milky, and Gateron Black Milky. 

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RAKK Pirah Mechanical Keyboard Specs and Features 

RAKK’s newest KB is compact in its size, yet it is a versatile keyboard. RAKK Pirah can be connected via Bluetooth 5.0 or with its USB-C wire. You can connect RAKK Pirah to up to three (3) devices. 

Pirah mechanical keyboard

It has a 2000 mAh Li-po battery that can last up to 7 days without charging. The RAKK Pirah is portable, wireless and can be used for a long period. 

This 69-key keyboard also has up to a 1000Hz polling rate for gaming. It says that the faster the polling rate, the quicker the response time of each keypress. 

Pirah mechanical keyboard

If you are afraid that keys may not work when pressed simultaneously, do not worry as RAKK Pirah solves this problem with its Anti-Ghosting feature. RAKK Pirah is built with n-key rollover or NKRO. This feature scans, identifies and register all the keys individually. It reduces the burden from the PC of performing the task.  

With RAKK Pirah’s specs and features, users can have the best PC experience for an affordable price. 

RAKK Pirah Wireless Compact Mechanical Keyboard is available for as low as Php2,895. Every purchase of this 69-key keyboard includes RAKK Pirah barebone, keycaps, wires, a two-pronged puller, switches of your choice, and a manual. 

You can buy RAKK Pirah in all EASYPC retail stores, or at EASYPC  Website, Shopee, and Lazada online stores.

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