ROG Keris FPS Gaming Mouse Available

The ROG Keris FPS Gaming Mouse series comprising of the wired ROG Keris and ROG Keris wireless was recently announced by ASUS Philippines for availability.  The wireless model offers tri-mode connectivity, a custom tuned 16,000 dpi sensor, and weighs at 79grams. Tri-mode connectivity allows gamers to switch from wired, Bluetooth LE, and wired modes. Both models have exclusive push fit switch socket and an ROG micro switch. Mouse buttons are made up of polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) polymer material. They also come with ROG Omni mouse feet, ROG Paracord and Aura Sync RGB lighting.

Designed with input from esports pros

ROG Keris FPS Gaming

With the design of the ROG Keris FPS Gaming Mouse series, ROG consulted with professional gamers for feedback in creating a gaming mouse with exceptional ergonomics. The resulting mouse shape provides a comfortable grip and precise control for gamers of varying hand sizes.

ROG Keris FPS Gaming Mouse Tri-mode connectivity

As mentioned earlier, the ROG Keris Wireless can be connected with either a wire, ultrafast RF 2.4Ghz wireless or the more energy efficient Bluetooth LE. Ideally RF 2.4GHz mode is for gaming, while the Bluetooth LE is best for basic tasks. Each ROG Keris FPS gaming mouse features a specially tuned 16,000dpi, 400 Ips optical sensor with 1000 Hz polling rate.

ROG push-fit switch and ROG Micro Switch

The exclusive push-fit switch socket design makes it easy to remove and drop in new switches, allowing users to tailor operating force and feedback to preference, or replace worn or broken switches. The new ROG Switch has a 70 million click lifespan with gold-plated electro-junction for stability and longevity.

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Strong and Lightweight

The mouse builds up on an internal honeycomb design for rigidity hence keeping weight down to a minimum. ROG Keris FPS Gaming Wireless Mouse only weighs at 79 grams, while the ROG Keris Wired Mouse weighs at 62 grams without the cable.

Optimized for gaming

ROG Keris FPS Gaming

ROG Keris uses PBT mouse buttons to provide durable, and non-slip surface as well as resistant to wear or shine from prolonged use. ROG Keris Wireless features two black side buttons that can be swapped out for gray and pink ones for personalization.

Both Keris and Keris Wireless include an improved ROG Paracord, a very flexible and lightweight cable designed for minimum snags and maximize movement. ROG designs the mouse port to be raised, preventing cable drag and even noise.

100% Teflon (PTFE) mouse feet on ROG Keris are rounded and 25% smoother compared to other gaming mice. This design comes from extensive internal testing, which showed that mouse feet and directionality affect glide more than size does.

ROG Keris FPS Gaming Mouse Availability and Pricing

ROG Keris WirelessPhp 4,690.00
ROG KerisPhp 3,380.00

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