Smart vs. Globe: iPhone SE Plans!

The groundbreaking budget iPhone SE with the A13 bionic chip is now available in Smart Signature Plans and Globe Postpaid’s ThePlan. See who fares better in terms of a deal here!

The iPhone SE is all about straight to the point functionality that gets all the good things from Apple except for the hefty price tag. This release merely wow-ing the tech world is an understatement. With how it beat up other mid-range smartphones side by side in price, the revival of the iPhone SE is always one to look out for.

So to keep the spirit alive of investing in power without breaking the bank, check out how Smart’s Signature Plans and Globe’s ThePlan compare with each other.

The iPhone is available in three storage configurations; 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. As usual, the two providers offer four plans for each model: PHP 999, PHP 1499, PHP 1,999, PHP 2999. And of course that’s also separated in new connects and previous subscribers. These plans span across for a 2- year commitment, so if you’re going for a budget iPhone, you might want to check out where that budget would stick.


Globe iPhone SE
Globe iPhone SE

Right off the bat, Smart Signature plans provides a better deal in terms of one-time cash-outs for all plans on all variants except for the iPhone SE 256 GB Plan 999 and Plan 1999 new connection and retention users. So in general, in terms of one time cash outs, Smart Signature wins by a mile. With Smart you’ll get more cash-out options all of which are the lowest in PH.

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Globe iPhone SE
Globe iPhone SE

When looking for flats or condos, large monthly dues are usually a huge deal-breaker. For phones, while it isn’t indefinite, isn’t it the same? Smart Signature once again offers lower monthly amortizations in the plans that do have one.


Globe iPhone SE
Globe iPhone SE
Globe iPhone SE
Globe iPhone SE
Globe iPhone SE
Globe iPhone SE

For total monthly costs, Smart’s offerings all are lower than Globe except for again, iPhone SE 256GB Plan 999 for retention. Otherwise, in this full chart taking into account all costs, you’ll see that Smart’s plans generate lower total monthly costs. You’ll also notice several down payments here and there for Smart that isn’t present in Globe. But if you look again at the total monthly cost, Globe’s plans tend to compensate for the absence of down payments with higher One Time Cashouts. Which, in short, brings the total monthly costs higher.


In terms of total bills to pay, we definitely recommend Smart’s Signature plans. Globe has no down payments all across their plans but ultimately, in costs, you’ll be getting shorter end of the stick.

The iPhone SE is the cheapest iPhone right now on the market. Even so, it still holds the Apple’s current best chipset, the A13 Bionic. It’s a no frills smartphone, but that might be what works best for you. You’ll be getting into the Apple ecosystem for cheap while still getting premium features.

Check out the plans on Smart’s and Globe’s Official Website.

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