Sophos’ 5 Tips for Using ZOOM

Zoom is one of the popular apps being used nowadays by companies and individuals for video-conferencing during this pandemic. Unortunately, part of that popularity is security concerns being raised on the app. Zoom has had a bunch of security scares recently, as huge numbers of new users flock to it, with crooks and miscreants try to take advantage of that. So if you want to continue using Zoom, use these 5 Tips from Sophos to make “Zooming” a lot safer.

  1. Patch early, patch often – Always make a habit to check app updates everyday before starting an online meeting.
  2. Use the Waiting Room option – Set up meetings so that the participants can’t join in until you open it up.
  3. Take control over screen sharing
  4. Use random meeting IDs and set meeting passwords – any person can use an old meeting ID that they can try automatically.
  5. Make some rules of etiquette and stick to them. – Respect for privacy, a sense of trust, and a feeling of social and business comfort are also important parts of a working life that’s now dominated by online meetings

You can read the Sophos’ blog post on these 5 tips for using Zoom by clicking on this link:

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