Sudio T2 Review: Listen in Style

Swedish brand Sudio officially made its debut in the Manila market back in 2019. Recognizable by its deeply Scandinavian identity, it brings clean, minimalistic-designed audio devices fit for all lifestyles. We can see this in the newly launched T2—a reinvention of their original Tolv model.

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Sudio T2

Sporting the same good looks as its predecessor, the T2 comes upgraded with improved noise cancelling capability, faster charging, and beamforming microphones. Plus, it comes in two gorgeous new shades. And allow us to wax poetic about the colors for a moment—our Jade unit sports a cool, muted-green tone that you won’t be able to stop looking at. Additionally, the T2 also comes in black, white, and sand—a light, creamy terracotta.

Sudio T2

Attention to Detail

Sudio T2

The box itself takes a little bit of brain to unravel, but it is an adventure. Every detail is thoughtfully designed from the box to the contents. Everything is also cardboard and paper with the addition of a small piece of fabric announcing warranty information. Sudio prides itself for being a carbon neutral organization and it shows on their packaging. Hopefully, we continue to see more brands adapting earth-friendly packaging and striving towards more sustainable production practices.

Inside the box, the same cohesive flow of design follows. You can find the earbuds, user guides, a set of changeable tips, and a USB-type C connector in the same hue. With the charging case, it’s all curves. On one side, there’s a short cord for portability while the charging port lies beneath the back hinge of the case. It is also covered in a powdery-smooth silicon-like material which grips well, even with sweaty hands. The earbuds themselves are of the same material and topped with a small disk of steel, which serve as the touch sensors. On the ears, they sit snugly and do not easily shake off even in jogs or inversions. The wide assortment of ear tips that comes in the box also offer optimal comfort and fit for every ear shape.

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Sink into the Sound

Sudio T2

Sound-wise, the Sudio T2 gives an impressive performance. Its 8mm driver delivers enough bass as well as crisp mids and highs. Listening is also an immersive experience thanks to its active noise cancelling feature. Activating this though, is a bit of a hurdle. In true minimalistic fashion, the owner’s guide comes with very little text, so it really takes a bit of deciphering to figure it out.  

With the help of Sudio’s website (and several minutes of meditation), we’ve come up with a quick guide—thank us later. The T2 comes with three modes—normal, noise cancelling, and transparency. Active noise cancelling explains itself well enough. Transparency mode, on the other hand, does the opposite of noise cancelling. It amplifies background sound to allow one to be spatially aware even with the earbuds on.

Now, by default the earbuds are set to normal and holding either side for two seconds cycles between the three modes. A loud ‘whoosh’ signals that noise cancelling mode is turned on while a lower similar sound accompanied by a ‘ding-dong’ tells you that it’s switched to transparency mode. Lastly, a single ‘pling’ sound will take you back to normal mode.

The T2 also comes with a neat feature that scores big points in our book—volume control. This is such an underappreciated and rare find among true wireless earbuds. Other earbuds rely on the main device’s voice assistant to do this. However, a physical touch option is much more inclusive to those who may struggle using the voice assistant.

Play All Day

Sudio advertises a 7.5-hour playtime (6.5 hours when using ANC) for the earbuds while the case carries 35 hours of playtime before needing a recharge. With actual use, the T2 comfortably got through about a day and a half of use. This included a workday’s worth of tunes, calls, and some binge watching and gaming after hours.  

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Sudio T2

It also supports fast charging via USB-C, which the brand says can give you two more hours of playtime with just a ten-minute charge. There’s no wireless charging here, though.


If there’s one more thing to love from Sweden in addition to IKEA and ABBA, it’s Sudio’s T2. Here, good sound meets chic style. Retailing at P6,500, we’ll be honest that isn’t the cheapest in the market when competing against other earbuds with active noise cancellation. But the brand’s attention to detail down to the often-ignored elements (which turn out to make all the difference) makes us believe that it’ll be well worth the extra.

Find out more about the Sudio T2 here. You can also use the code SUDIOT2DR to score 15% off your purchase!

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