Meizu 16th Now Available In the Philippines!

Meizu has been around the mobile phone industry for a decade already. Throughout the years they have produced smartphones that could be potential iPhone or ...

Meizu Reveals Ubuntu OS on MX4

Ubuntu fans, the wait is almost over. Meizu has revealed that the newest iteration of the MX4 will run on an Ubuntu OS -- a development that many have ...

It’s a Steal: Meizu M1 Note Priced at Php7,990

We've recently talked about the Meizu M1 Note and how impressive it is. However, it gets better: it's tentatively set to launch in the Philippines this March, ...

Meizu Rumored to Launch the M1 Mini

Last December, Meizu has launched the M1 Note, more popularly known as "Blue Charm Note". It's an impressive device sporting a 5.5-inch Corning Gorilla Glass ...

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