Smart eSIM
Five Reasons to switch to an eSIM with Smart now

Do you have an eSIM-capable device but are still unsure whether you should upgrade to an eSIM? Here are five compelling reasons to finally switch to a Smart ...

Smart now enables mobile users to upgrade their physical SIM to an eSIM while retaining their number

PLDT wireless subsidiary Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) is driving wider eSIM adoption among Filipinos as it now enables prepaid subscribers to ...

Smart rolls out prepaid and postpaid eSIM offers via digital delivery, sets the pace for eSIM adoption in PH

Following its pioneering launch of the Philippines’ first-ever Prepaid embedded SIM or eSIM in July 2023, mobile services provider Smart Communications Inc. ...

Smart launches the Philippines’ first Prepaid eSIM

Smart Communications is ushering in a new era of convenience and flexibility for mobile users as it unveils the new Smart Prepaid embedded SIM or eSIM, the ...

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