The Samsung Galaxy A50 is My Perfect Travel Companion!

Our good friends from Samsung Philippines sent me a Samsung Galaxy A50 to review and I was very, very excited to try it out. The Galaxy A50 features a triple-camera setup, composed of 25 Megapixels with a bright f/1.7 aperture, 8 MP for the ultra-wide angle, and a 5 MP for the Live Focus depth sensor. The wide-angle lens is very useful for taking scenic landscape photos.

With all of its features, I thought of using the Samsung Galaxy A50 with me for my out-of-town travel. I used the phone to take a VLOG of my three-day trip to Pico de Loro in Nasugbu, Batangas.

Here’s my VLOG shot entirely with the Samsung Galaxy A50:

The Galaxy A50 can take videos up to 1080p which I think is more than enough for doing a VLOG on mobile. Videos seem to be stable with minimal shakes even while we’re on the road, and I didn’t attach any gimbal with the phone. I just hold the A50 everytime I record.

Of course I took photos during my trip. You can view them below:

Pictures turned out very well! I didn’t even bother using my DSLR which I also brought along with me during the trip.

As I mentioned earlier, the wide-angle lens of the Samsung Galaxy A50 is very useful for travel. The right picture was taken with a wide-angle lens, making it more picturesque. I also used the wide-angle lens a few time for my VLOG.

The phone was also used as a GPS (whenever I’m not recording) on the road, as a music player while chilling at the beach, as a video player for boring moments, and also as a WiFi hotspot while staying in the condo.

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I just wish that the Samsung Galaxy A50 is also at least water-resistant just like the earlier Galaxy A-series phones but I find the specs already impressive to think it only has a price of P17,999!

Full review coming out soon! Thank you Samsung Philippines for letting me use this awesome, awesome phone!

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3 years ago

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