ZERO compromises w/ the upgraded Infinix ZERO X Pro 256GB

Even if you have great smartphone features, not being able to store all the media and install all the apps you need is frustrating if there’s not enough storage. Not a problem with the upgraded Infinix ZERO X Pro 256GB. Whether you’re into photography, videography, or gaming, here’s what you can do with its 256 GB of storage:

  1. Enjoy more detailed photos. ZERO X Pro’s 108MP primary camera with image stabilization captures treasured moments in greater detail. Known as Infinix’s moon shot camera, ZERO X Pro has a 60x hybrid zoom lens that shoots scenic views from a distance. It even captures the moon on a serene evening using its unique Super Moon Mode feature. Shoot as many high-resolution pictures as you want.
  1. Install and update games, no matter the file size. In mobile gaming, we are only as good as our tools. ZERO X Pro’s flagship MediaTek Helio G95, with 8GB RAM, 120Hz refresh rate, and 256GB storage, ensures top performance, apps upgradeability, and smoother gameplay.
  2. Worry less about your storage. While we can do many fancy things with our phones, it boils down to if they can handle all the different aspects of our day-to-day grind. Infinix ZERO X Pro’s upgraded storage is up to the task, whether for school, work, or play.

ADD the Infinix ZERO X Pro 128GB/8GB to your Shopee Cart Now!

Available for only P15,990, there are no compromises with the Infinix ZERO X Pro 256GB. You can also opt for a 128GB/8GB variant for P14,990. To learn more about Infinix ZERO X Pro, visit You may also follow them on Facebook:, Instagram:

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