Superteam Philippines Accelerates Web3 Journey with Grand Launch Event

Superteam, the distributed talent layer of the Solana Ecosystem, officially launches its operations in the Philippines with a dynamic event at the Marquis Events Place in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig on February 2, 2024. The Superteam Philippines launch event witnessed a vibrant gathering of tech enthusiasts, developers, and industry leaders who came together to celebrate the beginning of a collaborative journey in Web3.

Attendees included notable personalities such as James Florentino of ChainCrisis, Jen Bilango of CoinsPH and Roxanne Aviñante of DOST-ASTI among others. Emerson Fonseca, Core Lead of Superteam Philippines, expressing his excitement about the launch, said, “Superteam Philippines is more than just a community; it’s a movement. We’re here to accelerate your Web3 journey and create an active ecosystem where learning, earning, building, and chilling are all part of the experience.”

What is Superteam Philippines?

Superteam is the cooperative force of creatives, developers, and operators within the Solana Ecosystem. The mission is clear: to help individuals learn, earn, and build in Web3. Through a combination of content, bootcamps, resources, and community calls, Superteam aims to empower the Filipino community to navigate and thrive in the decentralized landscape with relevant skills and distributed opportunities. Goals for Superteam Philippines:

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● 10K+ IRL Meet-up Attendees: Superteam plans to bring together over 10,000 enthusiasts through in-person meet-ups, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.
● 100+ Activities Across the Philippines: With a diverse range of more than 100 activities, Superteam aims to engage and educate individuals throughout the country.
● 2K+ Hackathon Registrations: Superteam envisions hosting hackathons that attract over 2,000
registrations, providing a platform for developers to showcase their skills.

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How Superteam PH Plans to Help

Superteam Philippines 02 1

● Learn: Superteam offers a plethora of educational opportunities, including content, bootcamps,
and resources, ensuring the community stays informed about the latest developments in the Web3 space.
● Earn: The platform provides avenues for bounties, grants, and Solana career
opportunities, creating a sustainable ecosystem for individuals to monetize their skills.
● Build: Superteam facilitates mentorship through global online hackathons with local demo days,
enabling participants to turn their ideas into tangible projects.
● Chill: Through IRL meet-ups and hacker houses, Superteam encourages a relaxed and collaborative environment for networking and idea exchange.

Superteam Philippines is set to achieve these goals through the innovative PH Superspaces initiative, designed to accelerate the Web3 journey for Filipinos. With more than 100 activities and thousands of hackathon registrations, Superteam is poised to make a significant impact on the local tech ecosystem.

For more information about Superteam Philippines, please visit SuperteamPHL on Facebook, Instagram and X, on discord and

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