Upcoming – Like a Dragon: Ishin! – New Gameplay Elements to Watch Out

SEGA has revealed some of the gameplay elements from Like a Dragon: Ishin!, which is releasing on 2/22/2023 (Wed) on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, and Steam. Some of these elements include new Sub-Stories featuring many familiar faces from the series; new mini-games like the Singing Bar that comes with remastered karaoke songs in Edo Period style; a newly added Photo Mode; and Another Life, a game mode where you can enjoy a slow and peaceful life with Haruka at Ryoma‘s countryside house.

New Sub-Stories! – Featuring Many Characters From the Series

Two new Substories, The Captain and the Curious and The Spitfire Town Protector“, have been added. In the Sub-stories, players can become acquainted with the interesting people going about their lives in the town.

The Captain and the Curious

In order to learn more about Japan, Satow collects “Memoirs” that contain accounts of the country’s history and its people.

However, there are many who are hostile to foreigners in Bakumatsu-Era Kyo, and he ends up inviting trouble wherever he goes… Will Ryoma be able to complete Satow’s collection?

Bacchus, the Brawle” style trainer from Yakuza 0, appears in this work as Ernest Satow, a foreigner who has arrived to learn about Japan.

Some familiar characters reappear and cause trouble for Ryoma and Satow, including Shinji,

Kanda, and Shindo. Look forward to their interactions in the game!

New Challenge: Collecting Memoirs

Memoirs are accounts that describe the history and people of the Bakumatsu era.

You can find these Memoirs all over the place in Kyo. Many of them were left behind by their owners or lost during transit to their intended recipient.

When you hand over a Memoir to Satow, you can exchange opinions on its contents with him. Satow‘s frank attitude, foreign perspective, and interesting stories will help create engaging discussions on cultural differences.

The Spitfire Town Protector

Yae is a woman who wears a flashy haori with a dragon on the back.

There is nothing more in the world that she hates than “scumbags who prey on people’s desperation”, and she shows no mercy to these villains.

Known as “Miss Tatsu the debt collector”, Yae is despised by the town’s underside. When a couple she knows gets tangled with a seedy lender, she asks Ryoma for help.

One day, Yae‘s close friends start to get kidnapped one after another.

Ryoma joins forces with her in order to solve the case. However…

In Yakuza 0, Miss Tatsu appeared as a fighting mentor for a young Kazuma Kiryu.

She makes a reappearance in a new Sub-story for Like a Dragon: Ishin! as Yae Yamamoto. Like in her previous appearance, she works as a debt collector.

Fun Mini-Games! Karaoke: “Ichizu Samurai” and Bakumatsu era-style “Baka Mitai”

This title is packed with a variety of mini-games, including Bakumatsu-era recreation like Buyo Dancing or Courtesan Games

At the singing bar Utamaruya, players can enjoy the karaoke rhythm minigame by pressing buttons to the beat of the music. Two new additions to the song lineup include “Ichizu Samurai

(Truehearted Samurai)” and a Bakumatsu-era arrangement of “Baka Mitai (I’ve Been a Fool)”. 

Enhanced Photo Functions

A Photo Mode with significant improvements in editing options has been added to the game. Players can freely position the camera and spice up the photo with an endless amount of customization, including over 200 types of stamps, more than 40 different color filters, and a variety of expressions and poses.

Create the perfect shot with the beautifully revamped townscape and characters in the background!


Another Life: A Quiet Life in the Countryside!

At Ryoma‘s villa in the peaceful countryside, players can live “Another Life” with Haruka, a familiar face from the Yakuza series.

Through certain circumstances, Ryoma begins living with Haruka in his second home.

Here, players can earn money by gathering vegetables and fish and then trading them. They can also cook these ingredients into dishes and sell them.

There are many other fun things to do, like raising the cats and dogs you come across in town.

Living and interacting with Haruka will gradually increase her Trust. When her Trust reaches certain levels, heartwarming Slice of Life scenes will occur. Eventually, a strong parent-childlike bond will form between Haruka and Ryoma.

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