Living in the post-COVID world requires a number of behavioral changes that put safety and health first. CHERRY has its own line of products that can aid in lowering and removing the number of airborne particles. In case you miss it, here are your home air pollutants combat: CHERRY Smart Air Purifier SAP 600, CHERRY UVC Air Purifier AP-02 and CHERRY Dehumidifier Pro. 

CHERRY Smart Air Purifier SAP 600

Smart living or IoT system can significantly improve the safety of our home. Smart thermostats, for example, greatly simplify daily tasks as it allows users to control the temperature of their home remotely and set timers to turn on and off appliances, and other electronics. Simply download the CHERRY IoT Solutions app on your device using a Wi-Fi or data connection.

CHERRY Smart Air Purifier SAP 600 can get rid of airborne viruses. It comes with 4-Layer Medical Grade Filters such as Anti-Virus H13 HEPA Filter, Washable Mesh Filter, Granular Activated Carbon Filter, and Built-in Ionizer. 

CHERRY UVC Air Purifier AP-02

Our top focus should be ensuring that the air we breathe at home is sterile and safe. CHERRY UVC Air Purifier AP-02 has a six-stage air purification system and emits 80 million negative ions per centimeter cube. Moreover, this contains UVC light disinfection that has a 99.98% kill rate for viruses and covers up to 50 square meters of filtration. 

The touch-screen buttons and temperature display are both simple to use. It also comes with a remote which you can set-up when the device automatically shuts off using the sleep mode.

CHERRY Dehumidifier Pro

The rainy season is here, and luckily, CHERRY Dehumidifier Pro can help prevent mold from growing in the home. It has 2 Liters large water tank capacity that can remove up to 12 Liters of excess moisture per day. Moreover, it can cover a 20 square meters room but worry less because it also comes with an energy-saving feature. Imagine not having to lift a finger any longer because the CHERRY Dehumidifier Pro can detect the humidity level in the room and decide on its own to turn off once it reaches the right level. Finally, you can enjoy relaxing or sleeping because it doesn’t make the typical unpleasant buzzing sound. 

Removing air pollutants from your home can result to better health, away from allergies and virus. Take a pick between these combats: CHERRY Smart Air Purifier SAP 600 for P7,000, CHERRY UVC Air Purifier AP 02 at P5,000 and CHERRY Dehumidifier Pro for P7,500

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