Infinix Zero X Pro, INBook X1 Rolling Out to PH Retail on October 2021

Infinix is taking mobile photography to a whole new level as it brings Zero X Pro smartphone with a periscope
moonshot camera to the Philippines. The company is also rolling out its first lightweight laptop INBook X1 Pro in
the market.

Zero X Pro, which is Infinix’s flagship smartphone and the standout variant of the Zero X series, features a 108MP
primary camera, an 8MP periscope moonshot lens, 60x zoom power, and a 120° field of view (FOV) 8MP ultra-
wide & macro lens – putting high-resolution moon photography at arm’s reach.

The smartphone is powered by the groundbreaking Galileo Algorithm Engine, a top-notch software that ensures
that the moon’s beauty is captured in crisp and clear detail through lunar exposure and focus locking systems.
With such a powerful feature, users can shoot spectacular night sky views with ease.

Zero X Pro’s cameras are enhanced with Infinix’s innovative Hybrid Image Stabilization solution, enabling an
increased stable shooting experience. On top of its stellar photography features, the phone sports the flagship
dual-chip gaming processor—MediaTek Helio G95 chipset and MediaTek Intelligent Display chipset—to ensure
seamless performance and a smooth user experience.

“The ZERO X Pro will feature the latest camera technology and image optimization to inspire young adults and
emerging professionals to explore their creativity and place the power of professional photography firmly in their
Cooper Ma, Infinix country manager for the Philippines, said.

The lunar photography phone also carries the 960 FPS super slow motion and 4k time-lapse feature for an
incredible, immersive video experience. It also features a 16MP dual flash front camera, making it a handy
companion for selfie-savvy Filipinos.

Infinix ZERO X Pro

The fast-rising smartphone company is venturing into the laptop market with the launch of the INBook X1, a
lightweight, trendy laptop with competitive specifications. Weighing under three pounds, the 14-inch INBook X1 comes in a sandblasted body made from premium aircraft-level aluminum, making it extremely portable. It can also be tilted up to 180° viewing angle for the best visual perspective.

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INBook X1 is equipped with an Intel Core i3/ i5 processor, which clocks at up to 3.6 GHz, and has a memory of 8GB. It can provide optimum web browsing for up to 13 hours on just a single charge. The handy laptop also comes with a 720P webcam and two arrays of digital microphones for smooth video and audio communications, especially as video conferencing has become the norm. Working on the go is also made easier with the fast charging feature, as the battery charge can be replenished by up to 70% in just an hour. The Type C charger is optimized to work with both Infinix laptops and smartphones.

No exact dates of availability for both products but we were told that both the Infinix ZERO X Pro and the INBook X1 will arrive in PH retail this October 2021.

More information about the Infinix ZERO X Pro can be found here:

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