ASROCK Launches All White Motherboards with the B760M-HDV/M.2, H610M-HDV/M.2+, B550M Pro SE

ASRock launches the company’s first batch of all-white motherboard available on both Intel & AMD platforms consisting of the B760M-HDV/M.2 & H610M-HDV/M.2 for Intel and B550M Pro SE for AMD. And the exciting thing is, this design is not limited to just ASRock’s high-end products. Looking good is no longer a privilege to expensive motherboards, for the first-time stylish budget-friendly product has become a new trend of DIY.

Besides the brand-new colorway, the motherboards’ functionality has been upgraded too. New Dragon 2.5G Lan and DDR5 memory support on selected models gives the new motherboard a boost of performance, all three motherboards are compatible with NVMe M.2 storage devises and most importantly, RGB LED header is available for stunning yet creative PC builds.

B760HDV/M.2 H610HDV/M.2 B550M Pro SE 2

To learn more about ASRock’s all white motherboards, here are their links to their individual product information:


H610M-HDV/M.2+ D5:

B550M Pro SE:

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