ASRock Taichi Razer B550 and X570

ASRock and Razer formed a partnership recently that will develop a new line of motherboards. Part of this release are the AsRock Taichi Razer B550 and X570 motherboards. These are the first motherboards that has been designed to integrate Razer’s Chroma RGB lighting on the motherboard itself.

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Taichi Razer Edition not just Chroma

ASRock Taichi Razer

There are two versions of Tachi – Razer Edition released. An X570 model and a B550 model. Both exhibit most of the features from the existing Taichi model along with Razer’s Chroma lighting, and some added improvements. ASRock improved on two features desired by gamers: strong power and reliable connection. Each board features support for AMD Ryzen 5000 series desktop processors. They also have ready support for CPU overclocking thanks to its 16 phase power design. Dr. MOS offers a smooth power delivery and optimized heat dissipation. In addition, the boards have Killer Ethernet E3100 and Killer WiFi 6 AX1650l; designed specifically for competitive gaming. These new network hardware features prioritize real time packets over other packets resulting in uninterrupted online entertainment experience.

Killer Network Features

ASRock Taichi Razer

Killer DoubleShot Pro enables massive throughput and unbeatable online performance for systems that have both the Killer Wireless and Killer Ethernet products. DoubleShot enables the computer to use WiFi and Ethernet at the same time. Killer Doubleshot manages by using the fastest connection (WiFi or Ethernet) for all high priority traffic. Low priority traffic uses the slower connection. This ensures the highest priority traffic will be put on the fastest connection letting users enjoy networking with the lowest latency.

For more product information on these boards, click on their product page’s links Taichi Razer Edition/ Taichi Razer Edition/

Look out for my unboxing video of the ASrock Taichi Razer B550 and impressions; with a recommended build for it.

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