Ericsson Predicts Shifts in the Mobile Industry

In the recently-concluded Mobile World Congress (MWC), President of Ericsson Philippines and Pacific Islands Elie Hanna talked about how the mobile industry is slowly shifting its focus from physical devices to digital services.

“We predict four key changes in 2015,” he revealed. “More people will watch streamed, on-demand video than broadcast TV on a weekly basis; video will generate half of the mobile data traffic; LTE subscriber growth will exceed 80 percent; and world mobile broadband coverage will be above 70 percent.”

In relation to this, Ericsson lined up 11 new launches to improve network connectivity: Media Delivery Network, Digital Telco Transformation, Expert Analytics 15.0, Hyperscale Cloud, Maritime ICT Cloud (from CES), Connected Traffic Cloud, App Experience Optimization, Networks Software 15B, LTE License Assisted Access (from CES), Ericsson Router 6000 Series, and the Ericsson Radio System.

The Ericsson Radio System, one the company’s most interesting reveals, is “designed to improve app coverage for mobile device users” in anticipation of the growth of smartphone traffic by 2020. With groundbreaking infrastructure, Ericsson aims to open the road to 5G for all network operators around the world.

Another one to look out for is the Hyperscale Cloud Solution, which would bring a whole new level of security and speed to Cloud users, while the App Experience Optimization aims to help network operators fine-tune their systems through additional insights given by current apps.

In short, we are looking forward to three things from Ericsson with regard to connectivity: the beginnings of 5G, a better and more secure Cloud, and faster network services.

Ericsson is the name behind the infrastructure and the software that bring mobility, connectivity, and the Cloud to many major operators and in turn, the public. If the company’s predictions hold true, then in a few years, the Internet may just be within split-second reach.

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