ASUS Z490 Motherboard Pre-Order Promo

With the recent announcement of ROG Z490 Motherboards, ASUS has started the ASUS Z490 Pre-Order program that bundles select Z490 Motherboards with accessories. So if you’re primarily a PC Gamer, looking to build an Intel Based Gaming PC with the latest processor and motherboard, look no further.

ASUS Z490 Pre-Order

First of all, this ASUS Z490 Pre-Order promo will run for the duration of May 6 until May 20 only. There are two bundles to choose from, each motherboard having their own tier of included peripheral/monitor and Steam Store credit . Also, Buyers will be given priority to pick a 10th Gen Intel CPU of their choice to buy (Intel Z490 uses the new socket LGA 1200, so getting a new processor is a definite MUST). It is estimated that there will be a maximum of up to Php6000 in savings (depending on the board/bundle chosen). Now let’s go through the bundles in detail.

Gaming Gear Bundle

There are three peripherals that are included in the Gaming Gear Bundle. For Maximus XII series motherboards, it is the ROG Cetra noise-cancelling earbuds. The ROG Pugio ambidextrous gaming mouse is included with ROG STRIX Z490 series. While the TUF K5 Gaming Keyboard is bundled with the TUF Gaming Z490 Plus (WiFi).

Gaming Monitor Bundle

Another option to get is the Gaming Monitor Bundle, especially if your current monitor’s old, small, slow for gaming. If getting the Maximus XII series, then the handsome ROG STRIX XG32VQR will be bundled in. For those opting for ROG STRIX Z490 series, the ASUS VG278QR monitor will be included. And for those getting the TUF Z490 Gaming Plus (WiFi), it’s the TUF Gaming VG27VQ.

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CPU Express Lane and Steam Gifts

As mentioned earlier, aside from the bundle discounts, those who have pre-ordered Z490 motherboards will get as much as Php 1000 Steam credits. Also, buyers will get priority Intel 10th Gen CPU allocation of their choice from the store where they bought from.

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ASUS Z490 Pre-Order Promo Mechanics

1. The promotion is open to all Philippine residents.

2. For every pre-order and consequent purchase of selected ASUS or ROG product, the customer is entitled to receive a gift bundle. This table breaks down the bundles:

ModelGaming Gear BundleSRPGaming Monitor BundleSRPSpecial pre-order Gift
ROG MAXIMUS XII EXTREMEROG CetraPhp 46,000ROG STRIX XG32VQRPhp 74,580Php 1000 Steam Credit
ROG MAXIMUS XII FORMULAROG CetraPhp 27,600ROG STRIX XG32VQRPhp 56,180Php 1000 Steam Credit
ROG MAXIMUS XII HERO (WiFi)ROG CetraPhp 24,980ROG STRIX XG32VQRPhp 53,560Php 1000 Steam Credit
ROG STRIX Z490-E GamingROG PugioPhp 16,640ASUS VG27QRPhp 31,940Php 800 Steam Credit
ROG STRIX Z490-F GamingROG PugioPhp 14,730ASUS VG27QRPhp 30,030Php 800 Steam Credit
ROG STRIX Z490-A GamingROG PugioPhp 13,770ASUS VG27QRPhp 29,070Php 800 Steam Credit
ROG STRIX Z490-G GamingROG PugioPhp 13,770ASUS VG27QRPhp 29,070Php 800 Steam Credit
ROG STRIZ Z490-I GamingROG PugioPhp 16,640ASUS VG27QRPhp 31,940Php 800 Steam Credit
TUF Gaming Z490 Plus (WiFi)TUF Gaming K5Php 12,160TUF Gaming VG27VQPhp 27,620Php 500 Steam Credit

3. Participating resellers: ROG Concept Store Davao and Gilmore, Davao Futurebright Enterprises, Dynaquest, Easy PC, Gaisano Interpace, JDM, PC Express, PC Hub, PC QuickBuys, PC Worx, Strategic Technologies, and Thinking Tools.

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4. To claim the corresponding Steam credit, customers must provide the following details in name, address, contact number, serial number of product being claimed, and product proof of pre-order.

5. Upon successful filling out of form, ASUS will send bundled item within 7 working days.

6. Downpayment amount is dependent on reseller guideline. Please contact any of the stores mentioned for more details.

7. Promotion is not applicable in conjunction with any other promotions from ASUS or ROG.

8. All employees of ASUS, its partners, and agencies including their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified to join the promo.

9. Commercial and/or bulk purchases are disqualified from joining the promotion.

10. ASUS reserves the right to modify and/or change the mechanics of the program without prior notice.

Availability and Pricing

ASUS Z490 motherboards will be available by end of this month. Below are the respective SRPs.

ROG STRIX Z490-E Gaming Php 16,640
ROG STRIX Z490-F GamingPhp 14,730
ROG STRIX Z490-A GamingPhp 14,730
ROG STRIX Z490-G Gaming (WiFi)Php 13,770
ROG STRIX Z490-I GamingPhp 16,640
TUF Gaming Z490 Plus (WiFi)Php 12,160
Note: These are suggested prices only. Sellers will have their own cash discount prices, as well as bundle prices. Be sure to check with them to learn more of final selling price.
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