As the Platinum Partner for CONQuest Festival 2023, the country’s premiere gaming and pop culture festival happening from 2-4 June at the SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia, Riot plans to bring exclusive and exciting activities to players, with a few tricks and aces up its sleeve. Enjoy all things VALORANT, League of Legends (League), Teamfight Tactics (TFT), and more at the three-day festival.

Gamers and congoers are in for a treat as they will also be able to watch and witness the 2023 VALORANT Challengers 2023: Philippines Split 2 LAN event, featuring local VALORANT teams. The festivities also coincide with VALORANT’S third anniversary, a milestone that will be fittingly celebrated at CONQuest with a Message Wall to mark the game’s birthday.

The congoer’s journey at the Riot Games booth begins with VALORANT and League of Legends entry areas. Among the activities to enjoy are photo spots and roving cosplayers with VALORANT weapon replicas on display, real-life interpretations of the Autumn Tree, the Lotus Tower and the Wingman, as well as VALORANT anniversary and birthday-themed celebrations.

Meanwhile, League fans can look forward to spotting Miss Fortune’s Shock and Awe Pistols, Viego’s Blade of the Ruined King, Braum’s Shield, Darius’ Axe, and an impressive 16-foot Baron Nashor installation. Attendees are encouraged to pick one of the champion weapons for a photo-op to help defeat the Baron! League fans will also have an opportunity to traverse through an interactive Summoner’s trail and plant a ward. You can also visit Poro Mountain for photo ops with some of your favorite cosplayers.

Attendees are invited to participate in in-booth quests and to share content online using the official hashtag #RIOTPHConquest2023 and by tagging @ValorantPH and @Leagueoflegendsphl on Facebook/Instagram. They can simply flash their social media posts to earn stamps that they can exchange for exciting rewards to take home.

A TFT Lounge also awaits guests and congoers, who can try their hand at a digital slot machine for a chance to win special prizes.

One of the highlights of Riot’s collaboration with AcadArena at CONQuest 2023 is the presence of pro players, streamers and content creators such as Spicyuuu, Newt, Demenshiki, KrisRey, Sykunno, Een, Woosung, Xavi, JoshSeki, Razzie Binx, among many others who will headline Riot’s VALORANT Influencer showmatch.

Riot developers and guest speakers will also grace the event to share their insights and personal stories about working on VALORANT, League and TFT during the Dev Talks scattered across the three-day festival.

“There’s so much for Riot to celebrate with our players at CONQuest 2023. VALORANT’s third anniversary is a monumental milestone that we’re excited to usher in with our players. This event also ties together gamers, some of the biggest gaming creators, and esports fans while we run the finals of VCT Challengers. This is another way that we’re fulfilling our promise to engage with our local community, who are so very important to us. Please expect more activities like this and we’ll see you at CONQuest!” says Joel Guzman, Country Manager for Riot Games Philippines.

Join This Year’s CONQuest 2023

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Be part of the CONQuest 2023 excitement and enjoy the Riot Games universe from June 2 to 4, 2023 at the SMX Convention Center at the Mall of Asia complex in Pasay City. Book your tickets now at and stay tuned to our social channels for more details.

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