Ragnarok Origin achieved 8,000,000 pre-registration milestone! Official Launch to commence on April 6th, along with the release of ROO Ambassadors TVC!

Ragnarok Origin stays true to the classic “Ragnarok Online” gameplay by flawlessly recreating the mystical landscapes of the Midgard continent while re-introducing the six classic classes and the job system. Furthermore, the game departs from conventional MMO gameplay and explores an innovative gameplay style. The AFK leveling and card system provides players with an enjoyable and relaxing leveling journey. With fashionable outfits, customizable characters, and adorable pets and mounts, players can look forward to a fun, unique gaming experience.

Official Launch of Ragnarok Origin coming soon; Ambassadors’ TVC to be released!

In addition to the announcement of the official launch date for Ragnarok Origin, GGH has unveiled an exclusive TVC featuring the game ambassador, Yassi Pressman. Check out the game’s sneak peek here! 

Yassi Pressman is a celebrity in The Philippines who has a strong influence in modeling, acting, singing, and gaming. With over 20 million followers on social media, she is an avid gamer, and has even founded her own gaming guild. As the ambassador for The Philippines, she will join adventurers in embarking on a new journey in Ragnarok Origin.

Ragnarok Origin Official Launch

Ragnarok Origin TVC featuring Yassi Pressman is presented by the same production crew that produced the original Ragnarok Online TVC. The video shows a recreated Izlude Bar and Yassi Pressman as a wizard reunited with her old friends who used to play Ragnarok Online together. They are seen fighting against Baphomet in the Midgard continent, where the camera later pans out to view the players’ realistic and immersive surroundings, decorated with RO elements.

Ragnarok Online has connected adventurers from all over the world to interact with one another and to create many unforgettable memories together, similar to “First Love”. Ragnarok Origin has been developed with this concept of “First Love”. For returning players, the developers hope that “First Love” will provide new encounters and new experiences for both fresh and veteran players.

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Pre-registration is ongoing, Lucrative rewards await!

The Ragnarok Origin official launch is coming soon, and many activities await adventurous players! The events lined up for this festive season are open to all RO players, and will definitely bring back memories. All players should install the client beforehand while waiting for the server to go live. The pre-registration event for Ragnarok Origin is still ongoing, with tons of prizes to be won! Pre-register through Ragnarok Origin’s official website today and stand a chance to walk away with some attractive rewards!

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