Gigabyte Compact Power Supplies Launched

With the advent of smaller case designs; companies have been steadily releasing more compact power supplies. Gigabyte has launched their own selection of compact power supplies. First is the P750GM – 750W 80 Plus Gold Certified, with fully modular design. Second is the P550B – 550W 80 Plus Bronze Certified. And finally, the P450B – 450W 80 Plus Bronze Certified. Using improved circuit designs and materials, they were able to reduce the size of these new power supplies from the old 18cm length down to 14cm.  The reduced length of the new power supplies mean that these will better fit newer generation of compact cases.

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Gigabyte P750GM

Gigabyte Compact Power Supplies

The Gigabyte P750GM provides 750W of power for power users and enthusiasts looking to game with high end CPUs and GPUs. The main capacitors used on the power supply is made in Japan for reliability and is also 80 Plus Gold Certified, giving a maximum conversion efficiency of 90%. As it is a fully modular system,  we would only need to attach the cables we need and stow away the rest until we need to utilize them. With the availability of motherboards supporting 8+8 or 8+4 motherboard connector configurations, the P750GM comes with cables for this setup. Also, the power supply comes with a 120mm hydraulic bearing smart fan that stops when load is less than 20%; therefore, lengthening the fan’s lifespan.

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Gigabyte P550B and P450B

Gigabyte Compact Power Supplies

These two compact power supplies come with similar high quality parts, but rated for 550W (P550B) and 450W (P450B) respectively. With their power design, they are rated for 80 Plus Bronze, ensuring 85% efficiency. Unlike with the P750GM, they both come with 120mm hydraulic bearing silent fan which is ensured to run quietly as needed. The power supplies are not modular, and come with all the necessary cables for attaching to the motherboard and peripherals.

Gigabyte Compact Power Supplies

All Gigabyte compact power supplies mentioned are single railed, removing the need to balance power allocation for peripherals. They also come with OVP/OPP/SCP/UVP/OCP/OTP current and voltage protection, safeguarding our computers for long term use.

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