PowerColor Booth Coverage at COMPUTEX 2023

We dropped by the PowerColor Booth during COMPUTEX 2023 at Taipei’s Nangang Exhibition Hall 1 on its first official day to take a look at their products on display.

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PowerColor Graphics Cards on Parade!

PowerColor displayed graphics cards from their RX 6000 and RX 7000 generations in their booth. They are categorized based by their current product tiers namely: Red Devil, Hellhound, Fighter, and Liquid Devil. They do have a separate section for their Hellhound “Sakura” Edition (somewhat strange convention, but true).

There is an Alien themed Custom PC built close to the center of the booth, powered by a Red Devil RX 7900XTX GPU. It surely gives off a frightening vibe of a Facehugger crawling on what appears to be its nest.

For the Red Devil Display, PowerColor showcased its top tiered RX 7900XTX and RX 6950XT Graphics, a mid range RX 6650XT and even an RX 5700XT to boot.

The PowerColor Booth’s Fighter product line sees their first RX 7600 graphics card for the mainstream gaming lineup. Alongside it are the upper mainstream segment RX 6700XT Fighter and the RX 6600 XT Fighter graphics.

For the Hellhound lineup, there’s a special edition Hellhound RX 7900XTX with a numbered coin. Another RX 7600 makes an appearance under the Hellhound branding, this makes this particular model a higher tiered GPU. Other Hellhound GPUs on display were the RX 6700XT and RX 6600.

There’s a section in the PowerColor booth for its Liquid Devil lineup. There are only two units on display, namely the Liquid Devil RX 7900 XT and Liquid Devil RX 6900XT (this also doubles as the Liquid Devil RX 6800XT as well, since both share the same waterblock design.

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Finally we have the Hellhound “Sakura Edition” GPUs. They are aimed for anyone looking for a pink build :). There’s only one unit released, which is the RX 6650XT Hellhound “Sakura Edition”.

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Other Producst in PowerColor Booth

Other than GPUs, PowerColor also make and sell accessories like backplates for their RX 7900 Series Red Devil graphics. They also have a collaboration effort with Ducky to release custom keyboards. Also subtly displayed are their mousepads. Other limited edition PowerColor swag displayed are keycaps, a Red Devil USB Drive and a metal ruler that shows of die sizes, and other parts found inside a GPU.

This wraps up our coverage on the PowerColor Booth at COMPUTEX 2023

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