Samsung “Works” with Stark Industries

Samsung has just announced what probably is the most interesting and amusing things earlier at CES 2015: a partnership forged with Stark Industries.

It looks like Tony Stark has started collaborating with the tech mogul to create a slew of gadgets that would help Iron Man and the rest of the Avengers in their crime-fighting adventures.

We kid you not. These devices will be featured in the upcoming movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron. Several items have been presented including a transparent phone, tiny Bluetooth earpieces, and other wearables with designs highly reminiscent of Stark’s creations.

Samsung describes the transparent Galaxy Note Edge-based device that Tony would use:

“What type of phone does a man who has everything need? A sleek and metallic phone that features cutting edge technology designed specifically for Tony Stark. With a striking flexible display, the phone features two different curved panels, taking inspiration from Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge so that important information is displayed separately from the main screen. The device features a hologram glass user interface with finger print security so that even if the device gets into the wrong hands, Tony Stark’s personal data stays secure and out of the hands of the enemy.”

Sadly, most of these geeky super-hero tech are only “available to the Avengers”, but other devices appearing in the movie, such as the Galaxy Note Edge, are available to the public.

Check out the photos on IGN’s post.

Sources: IGN, Business Insider

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