1 Peso Per Minute Call to All Networks Soon – SMART

Ever since I shifted to a GSM mobile phone in 1999, I’ve always wished for affordable call rates. I loved texting at first, but when I shifted to a career that requires calling various people I became very reliant on voice calls. My current iPhone plan from Smart gives me 300 minutes of calls every month. Believe it or not, I could finish off those minutes in 1 week and incur a few hundred pesos more worth of voice calls on top of my P2,499 monthly plan.

I’m sure all of you have other reasons why you don’t want to make calls, but I’m also sure you’d like to hear some good news about it. Well, there is! Our contacts from SMART Communications have sent us a Press Release about their plan to roll-out 1 Peso per minute calls to all networks. Yes, TO ALL NETWORKS!

The P1.00 per minute all-net rate will be charged on top of Smart Postpaid subscribers’ plans. Woohoo!!! That’s good news for me! I can say goodbye to P500-P800 worth of additional calls every month. Smart Prepaid subscribers on the other hand will subscribe to a promo called Smart Express Call 50 which includes 50 minutes worth of all-net calls valid for 3 days. TNT and Sun subscribers, don’t worry! There will be similar offers for these subscribers such as 5 minutes of all-net calls for only P5.00!

What made SMART push this offer? I guess they more realized that they need to give their subscribers more flexibility. There are times that we don’t call a friend to resolve an issue that can only take 10 minutes. It sounds funny that we don’t like to spend P80 for a 10 minute call instead of patching things up. Or more kuripot people who don’t want to spend P8.00 to call their Uber driver if they know their way. Once Smart’s 1 Peso per minute call is already implemented, then there’s no reason not to waste your P1 load and have some piece of mind after talking to your Uber driver who’s on his way to fetch you.

I’ll post the details here once SMART has officially announced this promo.


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