Experience all kinds of love this Valentine’s Day with these binge-worthy Disney+ shows

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and since it’s the season of love, why not spend it binge-watching heartwarming movies and shows on Disney+ with your loved ones? Whether you’re spending it with your partner, family, or by yourself, here are eight shows to add to your February binge list.

For couples

Is there anything more romantic than cuddling with your significant other on the couch while watching a romantic show? Set the mood with:

Link: Eat, Love, Kill 

This human mystery drama and fantasy romance follows Eun Gye-Hoon who experiences the emotions of a strange young woman, Noh Da Hyun.

Disney Plus - (Valentine's Day List) - Eat Love Kill

Soundtrack #1 

If you’re looking for a heartwarming and feel-good K-drama story, Soundtrack #1 is a must-watch. Soundtrack #1 is a story about two childhood friends temporarily moving in together to write a song. As they spend more time together and learn about each other, a romance slowly develops between them.

Soundtrack 1

For Families

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. Familial love is just as important as romantic love so why not spend some quality time with your family by holding a movie session with these shows.

Encanto at the Hollywood Bowl

Enjoy the wonderful songs and music of Disney film Encanto performed live by the original cast themselves alongside special guests at the legendary Hollywood Bowl. Sing-along to the likes of “We don’t talk about Bruno” and “Family Madrigal” with your family to this show.

Encanto Hollywood Bowl

Strange World

Experience an out-of-this-world adventure with the Clade family in Strange World. As they embark on a journey to a mysterious land, Searcher Clade (Jake Gyllenhaal) must settle his differences with his father Jaeger Clade (Dennis Quaid) in order to complete a mission to save their world. 

Strange World

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

The long-awaited sequel to the Academy Award-nominated Black Panther, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever sees Wakanda reeling from the loss of T’Challa, their great protector. When an outside threat in the form of Namor looks to invade Wakanda, Shuri, Nakia, M’Baku, and the Dora Milaje have to put aside their grief to protect their nation. 

Wakanda Forever

For Singles

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about celebrating with a partner or your family, it can also mean giving yourself some much-needed TLC. Here are some great shows about singlehood and self-love that you can watch on Disney+.

Love, Victor 

A coming-of-age teen drama, Love, Victor is set in the same world as the 2018 film, Love, Simon. The story revolves around Victor Salazar (Michael Cimino), a teenager struggling with his identity and sexual orientation. Victor goes on a journey of self-discovery while adjusting to a new city and being the new kid in school. 

Battle Of The Bands

Growing Up

A docu-series created by Brie Larson and Culture House, Growing Up is a set of ten coming-of-age stories about the trials and tribulations of adolescence. Each story features a “hero” talking about their experiences growing up and is told through a unique and experimental form of documentary filmmaking. 

Growing Up

Pink Lie 

It can be difficult enough to find love, add a whole lot of lies to the mix and you’ve got a roller coaster of emotions and drama. Pink Lie depicts this with a group of young men and women entering the Pink House to find love with each of them hiding a truth about themselves. As they form relationships with one another, the truth behind their lies may make or break their relationships.

Pink Lie

Watch all of these lovely offerings and much more on Disney+ and have a Valentine’s Day that warms your heart. Get your Disney+ subscriptions via GCash on DisneyPlus.com and enjoy even more content you’ll surely love from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and Star!

For more information, visit www.DisneyPlus.com.

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