Canon’s smallest large format printer – imagePROGRAF TC-20

Canon announced the launch of the imagePROGRAF TC-20, its first desktop 4-color pigment ink large format printer with A1 plus capability. Addressing the growing need for high-quality large format printing in small workspaces, the compact TC-20 facilitates hybrid and remote work in various industries, particularly the architecture, engineering and construction, education, and retail industries. The TC-20 also supports roll paper of up to A1 plus width and comes with a standard built-in Auto Sheet Feeder (ASF) that enables continuous A3/A4 printing for maximum productivity. Compatible with free software and applications such as the PosterArtist, the TC-20 offers superb ease of use as with other high-end large format printers in the imagePROGRAF series.

“The new imagePROGRAF TC-20 is one of our more interesting products especially designed to meet the unique needs of work-from-home professionals, startups, and SOHOs,” said Mr. Kenichiro Kitamura, Director of Office Imaging Products (OIP), Canon Philippines.

“From floor plan drawings to promotional posters, it offers the full capability of large format printing that many industries need, complemented by the space-saving design and compactness that makes it suitable for small offices, home offices, and remote worksites.”

Large Format Printer with Small Footprint

Canon imagePROGRAF TC-20 use01

The large format printer sits easily on desks or shelves and allows users to conveniently perform print-related operations such as loading paper, refilling ink, and replacing maintenance cartridges from the front of the printer. Equipped with a new shaftless roll holder, the TC-20 also allows users unfamiliar with large format printers to replace roll paper effortlessly even in tight spaces.

Continuous Printing for High Productivity, High-Quality Prints

The TC-20 supports up to 50 A3 or 100 A4 cut sheets with auto-switching between cut sheets and roll paper. For maximum productivity, users can load up to 100 A4 cut sheets in the standard ASF for continuous printing, and print CAD drawings or posters on A1/24-inch roll paper effortlessly from various applications. Other productivity-enhancing features include 70ml ink bottles for all four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow & black) to cater for continuous printing of technical drawings, GIS maps & posters and an optional desktop basket for easy collection of prints.

Using all-color pigment ink, the TC-20 produces clear, high-quality prints with fine lines and small characters on drawings comparable to prints from high-end large format printers1. The prints do not smudge easily from highlighter marks or water spills.

Efficient Printing with Applications

Canon imagePROGRAF TC-20 use02

Delivering excellent ease of use, the TC-20 works with various free software and applications to help users work efficiently. With PosterArtist web application, users can create their own designs from a wide selection of templates, and print marketing collateral such as posters and flyers on the TC-20 to meet different business needs. The large format printer works with free software, Direct Print Plus to help users send multiple prints in different formats such as PDF and TIFF. Users can preview the layout of files without launching dedicated application for each file, reducing time spent and print wastage effectively.

With Canon Print Inkjet/SELPHY application, users can check the usage of roll paper and ink via smartphones or tablets and keep the TC-20 up to date with the latest firmware. Users can also print documents stored in the cloud via PIXMA Cloud Linkon the application.

Designed with Sustainability in Mind

As the first Canon large-format printer registered as a gold product in the field of imaging equipment products under the U.S. “EPEAT” environmental assessment system, the TC-20 conforms to strict

Price and Availability

To find out where you can purchase and the pricing for the Canon imagePROGRAF TC-20, please click on the link here.

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